Can You Really Make Your Own Happiness?



It’s one of life’s biggest questions: can you ever be completely happy and content with your life? Some people will think that it is totally possible. But what if you always seem to be on the receiving end of bad luck and always go through unhappy situations? This then leads us to the next important question in life: is it possible to make your own happiness?

Many people agree that if you go through life with an optimistic outlook, then you are more likely to enjoy your life and feel a lot happier as a result. But how exactly do you make happiness in your life? It isn’t always easy to do. Especially if you are currently going through a rough patch in your life. However, that doesn’t mean that it is completely impossible. You just need to try a little harder! Are you now intrigued to learn how it is done? Here are my top tips that can help you find it easier to make happiness in your life.



Be Proactive With Happiness

If you want to go from unhappy to happy, you need to make a conscious effort to change. And that means being proactive in your search for happiness. There are a number of ways that you can do this. Firstly, you could think about using self-help books and courses from life coaches such as Bob Doyle. These types of books inform you of many strategies you can use to feel a lot more happy with your life. Not only that, though, but they will also include some ways in which you can improve your work life and wealth. Secondly, you need to get used to changing your relationships and way of life. If you don’t, you will find it very difficult to try to be proactive to increase your happiness in life.

Lose The Bad Links

We all have some bad links in our lives. And by bad links I mean those people who drag us down no matter what kind of mood we may be in. There is no doubt that these people are detrimental to our mental health and happiness. So it is in your best intention to try to cut them out of your life. It could be a particular friend who is always off-loading their own problems onto you. Or it could be another friend who is always asking to lend cash from you and never pays you back. However they may be bringing you down, it is important to cut them loose so that this friendship doesn’t bring your happiness down with it.



Reassess Romantic Relationships

You also need to reassess your romantic relationship. After all, it isn’t just your friends who can be bad for your happiness levels. Your partner could also be having a negative effect as well. Are you not completely happy with your current relationship? Then you should either consider working to improve it or getting out. Don’t feel bad about ending the relationship if it is causing you to feel unhappy or distressed. If this is the case, it will be in your best interest to bring things to an end. You deserve to live a happy life with someone who truly makes you happy and cares for you. If your current partner isn’t that person, then it is time to get out there and find your one true love!

Be Happy With What You’ve Got

I’m sure most of us will have looked at someone else’s life and felt slightly jealous. Maybe it was because they have a beautiful home or have been very fortunate in their career. However, all this jealousy isn’t going to do your happiness levels any good. In fact, the jealousy could even make them decrease. That’s why it is very important to learn to be happy with what you have already got. So you may not have a large house or a fabulous career. But you will have many other things in your life that you should feel happy with and lucky to have. We all have something that we can be thankful for. By focusing on these and ignoring the lives of others, you will start to be truly happy and grateful for the life you have.



Get Healthy

Good health goes a long way towards being happy. So if you are completely dedicated to your quest for happiness, you will need to also look at improving your health. Starting to take more care about what you eat will be a great first step in improving your overall health. And so will trying to get fit.  It’s very important to follow a balanced diet and have lots of regular exercise. This way, your body will be in peak condition, and you won’t need to worry about certain health conditions getting you down.

Forget About Treats

Quite a few people treat themselves whenever they are feeling slightly blue. They may allow themselves to have a glass of wine, cigarette or slice of cake. These treats can help to comfort you during distressing times and can give you an instant boost of happiness. This may be great in the short-term, but it won’t be doing your long-term happiness levels any good. And it’s all to do with guilt levels. Most of the treats we allow ourselves aren’t that great for our health. So we are often consumed with feelings of guilt after indulging. In some cases, you may even experience feelings associated with a loss of control. The best way to combat all these negative feelings is to stop with the treats altogether. Focus on long-term goals rather than these quick-fix treats. You will notice a great improvement in your overall happiness levels if you do.



Learn How To Forgive

Do you always hold on to your grudges? That certainly won’t be doing your happiness levels any good at all! Instead, you need to learn how to forgive. Even if you can’t forgive and forget, just doing the former will do you the world of good. That’s because you won’t be nursing your grudges forever and will find it a lot easier to move on with your life. By forgiving, you will find it very easy to let go of any bitterness and resentment in your life. Which is great news for your happiness. So why dwell on something when you could work on forgiveness and let go of all the anger?

Learn How To Deal With Negative Emotions

Sometimes, no matter how hard you may try, certain negative thoughts and feelings will prevent you from feeling happy. It is important to learn how to deal with these negative emotions. Most people find that the best way to overcome all these upsetting emotions is to practice mindfulness. Don’t worry if you are completely new to mindfulness and other similar meditation techniques. There are many apps that can help to get you started such as Headspace. Mindfulness won’t completely eliminate all of these bad thoughts and feelings.  But it will help teach you how you can cope with them and prevent them from affecting your life. Once you are more in control of all these unsettling emotions, you will find that they rarely affect your life anymore. And you will be able to enjoy being happy.



Forget About Money

We all know the saying ‘money can’t buy you happiness’. And it is completely true! So one of the most important steps that you need to take on your journey to happiness is to forget about money. Sure, money can help you lead a comfortable life. But it isn’t going to bring you all the happiness in the world. So if you are currently trying to work on increasing your pay package, you may want to take a break and reassess the rest of your life. Are you sure you want that promotion? It might only bring you a lot more stress and anxiety in the workplace. This can greatly affect your happiness, and no amount of money will be able to help you! So rather than focusing solely on money, take stock of your life and try to fix the more fulfilling areas.



Take Responsibility

No matter what happens in your life, you shouldn’t blame others for your unhappiness. Your life is yours and should be in your own hands. Even if someone is trying their best to make you unhappy, you need to remember that you are in control of your own thoughts and feelings. And you can control these to make sure that you aren’t too affected by the actions of others. There is also another great advantage if you do take responsibility for your life. And that is that you will be able to feel completely proud with all of your achievements. After all, it was you who achieved them and no one else!

So, as you can see, happiness isn’t completely out of reach. In fact, it can be very easy to work towards. You just need to be prepared to put in a little effort so that you can get into the right frame of mind!

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  1. Great article!! Happiness is created by us within us . I also write blogs and share happiness and positivity around the world. Please do read my blogs and follow me. Thanks


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