5 Social Media Networks Musicians Can Use To Promote Themselves


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Getting ahead in the music industry can be tough. Getting recognized and getting signed can take forever for some artists. You need to take a proactive approach to start building up a fan base and generating some buzz around yourself. That’s why social media is one of the greatest tools available to musicians.

There are many social media websites out there which you can use for promoting your music. Some are even designed for artists. Each has its own unique benefits for musicians. Here are five of the best ones for bands and artists to promote themselves.


With an average of over 1.18 billion daily active users, Facebook is a great place to promote anything. You can create a page for your music and start connecting with fans.

Facebook is fantastic for all promotional purposes. You can post links to your music, upcoming tour dates, and anything else that might interest your fans. Start building up followers to get your music career buzzing.


Much like Facebook, Twitter is great for all your promotional needs. With its short, 140-character length posts, it’s ideal for posting tidbits of news and tour dates.

It’s ideal for reaching out to new fans. People often share posts from their favorite bands and artists, so more users will see them. It’s also excellent for fan engagement, so make sure you make a page on Twitter.


Soundcloud is becoming a hotbed of up and coming artists. In fact, many rappers and singers used the platform to launch their career. You can create a profile and upload your songs to listeners all over the world.

Getting a lot of plays and followers on Soundcloud can get you recognized by people in the industry. It helps to cross-promote your songs on other social networks, and you could also consider buying Soundcloud plays.

The more listeners you get, the better. Your fan base will grow fast, and your music career will take off.


Spotify is becoming the streaming service of choice for music lovers all over the world. Every artist should get their music on Spotify. Not only will it please your current fans, but it can also get you tons of new ones!

Spotify has some interesting built-in social features which make it great for promotion. For instance, it’s easy to post links to your music on Facebook and other social networks. You could also put your songs on public playlists to get new listeners.

While Spotify does pay artists and labels- they only get a small dividend. The value is more in the free promotion you get- you can drum up new fans which will come to tours and buy merchandise.


YouTube is arguably the best place for musicians to promote themselves. Many bands and artists generate a buzz by recording and posting cover versions of songs. You can also post videos of live performances.

If you want to take things a step further, you could even create a music video. You could generate a lot of interest in your song- especially if it goes viral.

Video content is highly useful for performers. It’s free to post videos on YouTube, and you can generate a strong base of followers and viewers to make your name.

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Tech Tips: Amazing Hacks For Your iPhone That You Don’t Know About!


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These days, technology is taking over the world, and everyone has a smartphone in their pocket. Arguably the most popular of all smartphones is the iPhone. No matter what model you have, they’re great devices and can do a lot for you. But, did you know there are some cool iPhone hacks you’re missing out on? Check them out down below for more info:

Play Games On iMessage

Many of us have iPhones and want to play some games on them when we get bored. The problem is we don’t have enough storage to download loads of games and keep them on our phone. Well, this one simple hack will change that problem once and for all. With the latest iOS update, you can now download games to play on iMessage. In fact, there’s an app you can download that includes loads of games all in one place. So, you can play your mates at 8-ball pool or connect four while waiting for your train home. All you have to do is go into iMessage and press the App Store icon next to where you send a message. This will take you to the store and show you all the iMessage compatible games you can download.

Turn Your Phone Into A Home Cinema

There are a few cool hacks you can do to turn your little iPhone into a proper home cinema. The best option turns your phone into a film projector for everyone to enjoy. You can find full details of how to do this, but I’ll give you the shorthand. You simply cut a hole in the front of a shoebox and stick a magnifying glass in there. Then, you stand your iPhone in the box behind it, and the screen gets projected through the glass onto the wall! You can make your cinema experience better by downloading apps to watch movies and TV on too. There are loads out there like the Showbox App For iPhone that allow you to do this. With a big movie library at your disposal, you can enjoy a crazy movie night at your house with just an iPhone.

Charge Your Phone Quicker Than Ever Before

We’ve all been in situations when we desperately need our phones to charge. Perhaps you left it on all night and now have to deal with 10% to last the day? You have half an hour before you need to leave for work and frantically stick your charger in the phone. Most of the time, our phones don’t charge quick enough, and we’re still left struggling with half a phone battery all day long. But, there’s one simple hack you can do to make your iPhone charge at super speed. All you have to do is turn Airplane Mode on and watch the magic happen. When Airplane Mode is on then, your phone charges a lot quicker. It’s probably because it uses up a lot less power when in this mode so can charge faster. One thing’s for certain, if you’re ever in a rush and need to charge your phone; this little hack can save you.

Give these cool hacks a go and start getting more from your iPhone today!

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