Identity Theft: Prevention Techniques For Businesses

It seems like the world of business is constantly being attacked with identity theft issues. How often do we see the story of a company-wide hack in the news? How often are we told to change our passwords because gigantic companies have put our data in disarray? Unfortunately, security is becoming even harder to guarantee in today’s digital world. Identity theft can cause a business to shut down for good, so you need to do everything in your power to prevent it.

Let’s take a look at a few prevention techniques.


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Ultra-Secure Passwords

For years, we’ve been told over and over about the need for secure passwords. Some of us take it seriously, while others brush it off as needless worry. Those who fall into the former category are doing the right thing. Hackers will try to break your passwords, and they’ll have an easy time if it’s a simple one. Plenty of tools are their disposal in the process, so breaking a short and simple code can be done in minutes. Always protect your passwords thoroughly.

Document Protection

As a business, you’re often required to store confidential data about your customers. Unfortunately, every bit of data you collect puts your business at greater risk. If you were to lose those documents, important data could get into the wrong hands. In addition to protecting it thoroughly, you need to think about how you store that data. Once it’s no longer valid, equipment like Intimus shredders can help to destroy it for good.


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Put Policies In Place

The reason why many instances of identity theft are caused by the policies of a business. We’ve heard of documents being left on trains and insiders leaking information in famous instances. Ultimately, with efficient business policies, this sort of thing shouldn’t happen. So, make sure your employees understand the rules surrounding data protection. Only provide access to those who are both trustworthy and need access for their roles.

Use Encryption

There are some business owners out there who believe that encryption is an unnecessary concern. Again, that’s a myth that should be resigned to the past. Digital safety is getting harder and harder to achieve all the time, so we need to go the extra mile. Encrypting our passwords and business transactions can prevent a catastrophic incident. Even if the criminal still gets access to the data, it’ll hopefully prevent them from using it.


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Keep Your IT Systems Up To Date

It’s an obvious point, but keeping your IT systems up to date is a must-mention topic. Not only should you be thinking about antivirus and firewalls, but OS updates as well. Your internal IT use policy should be in place to protect the business from criminal activity online. If you’re unsure about how to go about this, bring in the experts from outside the company. Get them to do an audit of your systems, and they’ll quickly identify any issues to be concerned about.

We’re about to hit 2017, and there has never been a more important time to think about identity theft. It’s becoming more prominent, so we need to protect our businesses as best we can.

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