Sick Of Working At A Desk All Day? Here Are 3 Cool Jobs You Should Try Instead

We all make decisions that we end up regretting. For a lot of people, deciding on your career path can be the biggest regret of your life. You end up with a 9-5 job behind a desk all day. It’s boring, and you wish you could break free and have a fresh start.

Bearing that in mind, I have three cool jobs you should pursue and get out from behind that desk!



Broadcast Journalist

There are many journalists that spend their days behind a desk typing up articles. Then, there are the ones that have the most fun. Life as a broadcast journalist can be extremely exciting. You get to stand in front of a camera and report on various news events. Who knows, you could end up reporting live from the scene of the biggest news story of the century! The nature of broadcast journalism means you’ll be on your feet a lot and will travel all over the place. You could be in one country today and then another tomorrow. It’s a frantic job, but, it certainly beats sitting at your desk all day.



Helicopter Pilot

Have you ever dreamed of flying? Well, you can, if you join the Army and become a helicopter pilot. Granted, you’ll need flying lessons before you can even attempt to travel down this career path. But, you can get those from Heliventures and other similar companies before you join up. Then, the army will fine-tune your skills and get you ready for an exciting job. As a helicopter pilot, you may have many different tasks. Some will be more dangerous than others. For example, you could be dropping infantry soldiers into battle. Or, picking people up in the middle of a war zone. Then, you might have a simple recon mission where you fly in the sky as someone looks down below to map out the area. You might even get asked to take supplies between camps. It’s an interesting job, and there are many crazy things you could get asked to do. Of course, you can get a job as a pilot that isn’t in the army. But, this is definitely the coolest way to approach this career.




Most people probably grow up hating the dentist. This hatred grows as you get older and need fillings with every visit. As such, you probably wouldn’t grow up with aspirations of being a dentist. So, you end up with a desk job like millions of other people. But, becoming a dentist is a great career move. You may not think so, but it’s actually very exciting. You learn a lot about the human body, and will always have different tasks to do. This includes making fillings, removing teeth, creating dentures – and so much more. It’s a job that will never be dull, and will always produce a few stories to tell your mates about after work. One thing’s for certain, you won’t be sat behind a desk all day.

Add some more excitement to your life with these three job ideas. Stay well clear of any desks, and enjoy a life that’s more fun and worthwhile.

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