Are These Things Sapping Productivity At Your Business?


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There are many things that go into a successful business, but productivity is one of the most important. If you’re not keeping up standards in productivity, then you’re going to risk falling into bad habits as a CEO, and allowing your business to just keep ticking over without really going anywhere. Strangely, the upper management of any business can often be pretty disconnected with the things that end up sapping productivity in the workplace. Here are a few that you should be looking out for.

Chaotic Emails

If your employees are living in their inboxes, then it may be time to make some changes. While it’s true that email is pretty much essential to any modern business, if your employees are spending too much of the working day sorting through a chaotic slew of emails, then they’re going to be spending less time actually fulfilling their roles! If workers are drowning in emails, or using them as an excuse not to work, it may be time to find more efficient communication method.

Hazy Work-Life Boundaries

This is one that can work either way. If you’re being too lax with your employees and letting them take personal calls in the middle of the work day, or you’re always calling them at home and getting them to polish off little tasks, then it’s invariably going to sap efficiency. Depending on what the problem is, your workers are either going to be dragging themselves through the work day, or be so over-worked that the unnecessary stress leads to a burnout. Make sure you’re not letting laziness slide, and that workloads are being spread out fairly over everyone.

Untidy Working Environment

While some people would still be able to work in a literal pigsty, a dirty or disorganised office is going to have a negative impact on most people’s productivity. Aside from the added risk of sickness (and therefore sick days), a clean, tidy office has been proven time and time again to have a positive impact on staff morale, which in turn makes it easier for them to get stuck into their work. Take a moment to look around your office. If you know that it’s seen better days, then have a word with your cleaning staff, or look into outsourcing the job to a professional office cleaning company.

Lax Deadlines

Are the deadlines you set individual workers being treated more like guidelines than non-negotiable rules? Sure, someone occasionally slipping five or ten minutes over to polish off a piece of work isn’t going to make much of a difference. However, if extensions are taken as a given, and nothing’s being delivered on time, then you may be breeding a company culture where laziness is no big deal. No one wants to be a dragon of a boss, but if you keep letting deadlines slide it’s seriously going to harm your company in the long run. Start cracking down on people who are going over deadline, and make sanctions if necessary.

If you’re worried about your business’s productivity, scour it for these issues, then stamp them out!

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Drive Away Stress: Avoid These Common Road Frustrations

In many cases, driving makes your life less stressful. Having a car makes it easier to get to work in the morning. You can also take fun road trips and holidays with it. Sometimes it can even be an enjoyable hobby to take a drive. But at other times, being on the road can drive you crazy.

Studies reveal that road rage is rising, especially in busy city areas with congested traffic. Issues such as car breakdowns and rude motorists can quickly send drivers into a tailspin. No one wants to be stressed out, so use these methods to avoid common road frustrations.

Avoid Busy Traffic


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One of the biggest sources of frustration for all drivers is getting stuck in traffic. When all you need to do is get somewhere, congested roads holding you up can make your blood boil fast. That’s why it helps your stress levels if you avoid busy traffic.

You might want to plan your journey around how busy the roads are. Some apps can give you information on current traffic. If the route you need to take is too busy, it might be worth waiting for the roads to die down.

Of course, this isn’t always practical. For instance, you can’t waste time when you need to get to work in the morning! Another method that can help is simply taking a different route. Find quiet roads to cruise through. Even if the distance of the route is longer, avoiding traffic will save you time.

Prepare For Car Problems

In an ideal world, you’d never have to deal with a flat tyre or a broken windshield. But accidents happen, and sometimes car faults can emerge out of nowhere. The best approach to take is to prepare for these things happening.

Make sure you know where you need to go if an issue occurs with your car. Knowing the nearest mechanic will also help. You might also want to find an auto electrician in case you need help replacing a car battery.

You can also save some stress by handling some repairs yourself. Keep a spare tyre in the boot of your car in case one of yours goes flat. It’s also simple enough to replace windshield wipers or lights as long as you have spares handy.

Cut Down Costs

The costs of a car can also be stressful. Having to fork over your dollars for regular fuel refills can be frustrating. There’s also insurance and repair expenses to deal with, as well as the cost of the vehicle itself!

If your car is costing you too much every month, consider a replacement. Using an old banger until you get on your financial feet can save you a lot of money. Make sure you also compare all insurance deals and protect yourself against high insurance fees.

Ditch The Car


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Want to know a surefire way to avoid the stresses of driving? Don’t get in the car! By finding other ways to get around more often, you can save yourself a lot of frustration.

For instance, is your daily commute driving you mad? Consider cycling to work. It’s a healthy way to travel that also reduces stress. You could also consider public transport or you might even want to take a Uber ride.

Only driving when you need to will also reduce your fuel costs. Of course, it also makes car faults less likely to happen. It’ll save you all kinds of road stress, so take a walk more often.

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The Best Ways To Keep Your Business Running Smoothly

So you’ve built a successful business, but running one is hard work. You’ve got countless things on your mind, clients, staff, machinery upkeep, fees, rent, the list goes on. Here are a few nuggets of information which you can use to help keep your business running just like it should.

Keep Your Colleagues Happy

It goes without saying, but there are many companies which put their colleagues at the bottom of the pile, with high staff turnover draining funds and time. If you keep your guys happy then they won’t leave, meaning their experience stays with your company. Invest in their training and upskill them as often as possible, It’ll only benefit your business in the long run.  Make sure you use team building days to keep things fresh and allow each and every colleague a chance to put their own suggestions forward. Some of the best ideas come from those on ground level, meaning you could increase productivity.

Outsource Your Administrative Work

Human resources and administration can become a time-consuming task, one which requires expertise and sensitivity. So why not outsource certain aspects of your business administration to the professionals. For example payroll services can be acquired to ensure your team’s pay is always on time and never late, meaning they stay happy. It also means your colleagues are less burdened by admin tasks and can focus on the work at hand.



Keep Your Equipment Up To Speed

It’s a simple one, but not all businesses abide by it.  How hard is it to upgrade to the newest iteration of your operating system, or get a specialist analyst to come in and take a look at exactly what you need. You can hire them freelance so it isn’t that expensive and can increase your workforce productivity exponentially. It also means keeping simply office based equipment at hand, pens, pencils, paper etc. Your colleagues can only work if they have the tools to do the job.

Ensure Your Break Room Is Top-Notch

Having a quality break room for your employees is understated. If they have a great place to take a break then they come back feeling refreshed and get straight back into work. But if they come back feeling like they haven’t had a break their work will likely be affected. It also means they get a chance to talk about something else entirely, letting them truly take a break. It fosters a team mentality and allows each and every person to have that distance from work. The positive effects or significant.

Lead By Example

If you lounge around watching your employees work, then they aren’t going to work as hard for you. If you lead by example, showing them a great work ethic they’ll follow suit. No one wants to annoy the boss, but if he’s lazing around they’ll think they can too. To get the best out of your guys you need to show them you’re willing to get your hands dirty.

Keeping your business running to a high standard isn’t easy, but by following some simple loose rules you can make it easier for not only yourself, but your colleagues too.

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