Advice When Renting Or Building A Garage


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Looking for a cosy little place to store your vehicle? Or maybe you’re just an avid DIY lover who’s looking for a little workshop and mancave? Getting yourself a garage is the answer. But what are the expenses? Is it is better to rent or build? And what maintenance does a garage need?

Renting vs Buying

Renting out a garage is definitely the cheapest option, although not the most convenient. Some homeowners will rent their garage out for a very affordable rate. Council owned garages are also very cheap.

Building your own garage takes a lot of commitment and work, but can be worth it in the long run, especially if you want one that’s personalised for your needs. You’ll need to check out your local planning and permit rules. These can be fairly strict depending on where you live. From here on you can hire contractors and builders (or if your extremely savvy, build it yourself!).


You may well want electricity in your garage. When renting this cost may already be included. Some rented garages however will not come with electricity and you’ll have to sweet talk the owner if you want a chance of getting wired up.

Garage doors can be fickle things, although affordable garage door repair is easy to find. Most garage doors will come self-lubricated but some older models may need to be regularly cleaned to stop them getting stuck.

Cleaning the garage is important, not just to keep it looking pretty for guests, but for the safety of the structure. Many treat it like a shed or outhouse. However the concrete floor can chip and become slippery over time if not regularly hosed down. Keep on top of this to prevent having to replace the concrete flooring for a hefty price. Various sealants can be bought to stop wear and tear and make this process less laborious.

It also pays to keep an eye out for cracks in the walls. These can let in pests such as ants, mice or wasps that could nest in the garage. If it’s a rented property your landlord should be able to attend to such matters, but if this is your own property you’ll have to do the dirty work.

Perks of owning a garage

Having that extra storage space can do wonders. If you’re always struggling to find somewhere to park your car, a garage is a permanent and secure solution. If you need an office or workshop outside of the house, a garage can be the perfect escape from distractions. It can also be a great place to store things you wouldn’t otherwise want in the house (gym equipment, mechanical tools, your son’s new drumkit…).

Whilst the costs may seem like a drawback in the beginning, you should look at it as a new multi-purpose extension on your home. It’s more accessible than an attic, more homely than a shed, more outdoor friendly than a conservatory. When used to its full potential, a garage can in fact be a bargain purchase.

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