Technophobes Pay Attention!

Are you a person whose head is still in the 20th century? Do you not know your iPod from your iPad? Is a Blackberry for you only a fruit you can get from your local forest? Well you have a lot to learn but it’s nigh impossible. So get your swimming trunks on and get ready to dive into the future.


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So you’re a technophobe. There’s no beating around the bush. You’ve been hibernating for the past few years and now’s the time to resurface. Trust me, you’ve missed out on a lot. As a business manager, it’s imperative that you quickly get with the times. There’s so much untapped potential out there that it’s going to make you weep. Social media, for example is now the best form of advertising and it’s completely free!! How much of your budget are you currently spending on publication? Hmm. Unfortunately the younger generation spends more time on looking at Facebook and Instagram than the broadsheets these days. That’s how it is. You’ve just got to live with it.

The best thing to do is get somebody to teach you. Maybe a relative or a family friend. It might be a bit unprofessional if you get taught by a work colleague. Imagine the arguments you may end up having! Plus do you really want the guys in the office knowing about your allergy to Apple?  It could loosen your respect a bit. If your old-fashioned attitude runs in the family genes, then why not look around for some it support in the office. Keep it on the downlow though. You don’t want that nosy girl from HR to know do you? With your recently acquired IT knowledge, you can surf the net where’s so much action straight at your fingertips. You don’t have to spy from the trees with your binoculars at other companies now. You don’t have to break into their warehouses and check out what they’re selling. There’ll be no glass against the wall during board meetings. Just a couple of clicks and all that info is yours. No, I’m not joking. It’s as easy as that. Look at what you’ve missed out on.

Word of mouth is an incredible marketing tool and to be fair, you do use it regularly. But nowadays, that’s not the be all and end all. Save your petrol. Spend less money at the service station. Rest your booming voice. Why not create a website that expresses all you wish to say on just one page? You know what makes a good stand out piece of work.  You’ve handwritten leaflets in the past promoting your business. Well it’s just like that, only with a mouse. A computerised one, if you’re unsure. Once you get your text down to a tee, how about including some of those pictures you took from that shiny new camera of yours? See. You’re not that much of a technophobe now are you? Welcome to reality old friend.

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