Golden Years: Beating the Signs of Getting Old

Getting older is a fact of life that we all have to deal with. But along with advancing years come a whole host of changes – and most of them are a lot less than desirable. Having said that, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t a few things that you can do to beat some of the common signs of aging. So, let’s take a few of these one by one, and we can take a closer look at what you can do about all of these.


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Your Hair Becomes More Brittle


As we get older, our scalps start to become naturally drier, which in turn makes the hair drier too. And when the hair loses its pigment and starts to become grey or white, it also tends to become frizzier too. The best way to restore moisture to the hair is with a good conditioning programme. There are all kinds of leave-in and deep conditioners which can make all the difference. It is also important that you get enough protein in your diet and drink enough water.


You Start Getting Facial Redness


Over time, any sun damage that you accumulate when you are younger starts to all mount up causing blotchy skin and red spots. It is worth taking steps to protect your skin from any further damage by always using a moisturizer with containing an SPF. Many people start suffering from the condition rosacea when they get older, which can be treated with topical antibiotics. There are also a whole host of potential flare-up factors including sun exposure, alcohol, stress, spicy food and hot drinks. Try using gentler skin products and not irritating the skin too much by scrubbing.


You Get Muscle, Joint and Bone Problems


Obviously, your mobility starts to decrease as you get older. There are whole host of muscle, joint and bone problems, meaning that you may require care from Seniors Helping Seniors or a similar organisation. The best way that you can stay healthy for longer in this regard is by exercising on a regular basis, though you need to be careful with what kind of regime you start as you don’t want to aggravate any existing problems. Also, you should eat a well-balanced diet containing plenty of calcium and vitamin D.


Your Skin Starts to Wrinkle


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Another obvious but less than desirable common trait of aging is that your skin starts to wrinkle, particularly in certain areas like around your knees and elbows. You should soothe any dry skin with an effective moisturizer that you continue applying on a regular basis. You can also exfoliate your skin with a cream or brush. Joining a yoga class is another way that you can help tighten up a lot of the skin on your body. This type of exercise also has the natural advantage of or strengthening your joints so it can go a long way to preventing some of the issues we have already talked about.

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