A Useful Guide To Remodeling Your Home

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There is a time in most homeowners lives when they decide it is time for a change. It may be that your family is growing and you need to add expansions to your house. You may be sick of looking at the same four walls every day and decide it’s time for a new aesthetic look. Whatever the case, it could be that now is the right time to think about remodeling your house.


Before you rush into anything hastily, remember it might be time-consuming and very expensive. Think carefully about your property and consider the advice below.



What do you want to achieve?

When thinking about remodeling, you need to have an idea about what you want to accomplish. Perhaps you want to convert the loft into an extra bedroom for visitors or new family members. You might want to create an additional bathroom to alleviate the morning rush to the shower. Or maybe you are thinking about turning the basement into a gym, or state of the art cinema room with the latest in technology.


Whatever your idea, you need to consult with your family before making any significant changes. There will be a lot of sacrifices involved, including an upheaval to your time, space and money, so everybody should be in agreement. You may want to convert a bedroom into a study, but your wife may prefer a walk in wardrobe. Talk to each other, compromise and come to an agreement that is suitable for all.


Do some research


No matter the great ideas in your head, the tricky part is making them happen in reality. It may be that you have no particular idea but would value some inspiration. Whatever the case, you need to spend time researching any aspect of remodeling that is right for you.

Consider the areas you want to remodel and go online to look at how other people have achieved it. If there is a particular room, such as the basement, have a look at

http://www.flemingconstructionllc.com/services/basement-finishing-remodeling/ for advice on making the most of the space you have, with the budget you have available. There are many things to consider when altering any room, including the flooring and wall space. From colors to textures, make an effort in finding ways to create a place you will enjoy being in.

No matter your grand ideas, if you don’t have the budget to match you are going to run into trouble. Ask for estimates from local contractors to see if the work is viable. Should you decide to take out a bank loan, shop around for the lowest interest rates. You should always ask for a little more than you need to account for any unexpected costs.

Chances are you won’t be able to remodel your house on your own. Therefore you are going to need help from contractors, including painter and decorators, plumbers, electricians and builders. Spend time looking into each company and ask for their estimate on the costs involved. Don’t take the first offer you receive as it is worth asking others for second and third opinions. There are untrustworthy contractors out there, so ask your friends for advice on people they have used, and check out online reviews.

There may be some aspects of the work you can do yourself, such as plastering and wallpapering, so save money where you can. Hiring an architect is not particularly expensive, and he will be able to give you an idea of the work that needs doing. They may also help your thinking and give you ideas that you haven’t considered. Having their professional opinion is valuable, and will help you reign in any unpractical ideas you might have. They will also give you an idea on what building permits you need to acquire and may assist you in getting them. Accept the advice given to you, and ask any questions you have as you draw up blueprints to bring your ideas to fruition.

Working with contractors

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Once the ideas are in place, and all the legal documents are signed, it is time to get to work. Assuming you haven’t decided to take on all the work yourself, you need to form good working relationships with your contractors.

If several people are coming to work on your house, work out a schedule to ensure they aren’t getting in each other’s way. While you will want to check up on their work, you are liable for getting in the way as well, so only be there when you need to be. Remember, you are paying for their time as well as the building costs, so the more time you spend talking with them, the longer they will be at your property. They aren’t your friends, so give them the space to get the work done.


Speak to them daily to get an update on the work being done and listen to their suggestions. Inevitably you will change your mind about aspects of the project as time goes on. This is natural, as there will often be areas you haven’t considered which suddenly come to mind. However, it will be frustrating for the contractor if you constantly want changes, and more expensive for you in the long run. It may also affect scheduling, so ensure everybody is informed of the changes in any new plans you draw up.


In it for the long haul


It will take the time to get the work done, and the upheaval in your life will be stressful. It may be that you will have to move out of your home for a while, to avoid the noise and ordered chaos that remodeling brings. Alternatively, you will need to create an area in your house for comfortable living while the work progresses.


When the dust has settled, and the noise has abated, there will come a time when your home is livable again. It may have been a long haul getting there, but it should be worth it.

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