Communication is Vital!

Orange 1970’s vintage phone. Seen at 42nd St Station in PDX. 4/17/2015

Ever have a person or business representative say that they’ll call you right back then they don’t? Yeah, it’s happened to me, too. Truth is, this is one of the big complaints people have regarding communication.

If you’re in business, the best way to keep customers is to get back to them when you say you will. All too often, I hear stories about people who have legitimate questions or complaints be told by a company representative that they’ll be called back within a certain amount of time, then never get the call back at all.

In a way, this is also an integrity issue. But aside from that, communicating with the customer keeps them in the loop and let’s them know where they stand. I know that, for myself, I prefer a call back when I’m told to expect one, even if it’s to say they have no answer yet, to no callback at all. I’m sure most people feel the same way.

Now, this is a two-way street, and also applies to person to person communication, not just business communication. If you tell a friend you’ll call them within a certain time, do it. And, if you are the customer, and you say you’ll call or come by to pick up the package, etc, by a certain time, you’re just as obligated to do so as the business was to call you back if that’s what it said it would do.

So, just don’t promise to communicate or call, then forget. It leaves the other party hanging, and also damages your credibility with them.

Photos of my Motorola Moto-e 2nd generation 2015 phone. 4/30/2016

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