Bringing the Kids Back Home After Graduation

For many students, graduation is just around the corner. After that, they’re in the big bad world, where they have to make it on their own…or so the idea goes. First, besides maybe a spot of traveling with their friends, they’ll be moving back in with mom and dad until they figure out whatever it is they’ll do next. This is good news (they’re home!) and bad news (they’re home…) but handled correctly it’ll be good for everyone involved.


Out of University, Into the Home


Your child will have had a fun few years at home, during which they made friends, grew as individuals, and acquired a whole bunch of stuff. If they’re not able to sell the hefty furniture and other bulky items they had in the university accommodation, that’ll have to come back home with them until they move out again. First, use a service like Shiply to get it all home in one piece (and without hassle). Then carve out space in your home where you can store it. It’ll take up more space than you’d like, but it’s easier to keep it rather than have your child buy all new belongings next time they move out.


Setting the Rules


When they first get home, have a BBQ and toast the successful completion of the student days. Let them relax for a while; they’ve earned it. When the party’s over, though, make sure they’re aware of the ground rules of the house. This isn’t university anymore, and they can’t just do as they please – it’s your home, and if they want to live under your roof, they need to abide by your rules.


To Make Them Pay, or Not?


This is a tricky one. Your child has mostly moved back home as a cost-cutting exercise, so it wouldn’t be fair to make them pay a full rent. However, their presence will bring your home bills up, so they shouldn’t get a free ride. Anyway, life isn’t easy! They have to pay something. Even a token gesture that goes toward the cost of running the house will let them know this isn’t a charity case. If they’re smart, they’ll know they’re getting a good deal and won’t have any complaints.


Enough is Enough


At some point, you’re going to have to give your child fair warning that they should move out of the house. This shouldn’t be done nastily, of course – sell them the virtues of setting out into the world and living on their own rather than making it sound like you just don’t want them there! Some children never leave the family home, and they’re missing out on important life experiences that they can’t regain later in life!


The Good Times

Even though having your child at home might test your patience from time to time, you should appreciate having them there on a short-term basis. Once they really flee the nest, they’ll never really big back, so enjoy their presence while you can.

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