Spring Cleaning Can Improve Your Health In Ways You Never Thought

It’s about that time of the year when a complete overall of your home is due. It’s an opportunity to access the state of your house. It’s a chance to inspect your living area from top to bottom, from crevice to cranny. The bright, sunny, long days give your ample time to do all those things you’ve been putting off. But this year, if you follow these steps, your life could improve in more ways than one.

House dust mites 

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Bacteria and asthma


Ever wonder why you’re ill in or out of allergy season? Have you noticed how you might be popping vitamin pills to boost your immune system lately? Static exhaustion can be caused by your living space being filthy. It may not look like it, but neglecting certain parts of your home can lead to detrimental health conditions. Take a closer look at your daily routine, and you’ll notice parts of your home don’t ever get the proper hygiene attention they should.


Mold in the home can cause asthma and children are most vulnerable again. Any green sticky patches in your bathroom, on window sills and or on the ceiling, might be mold or fungi. Mold problems in your crawlspace are caused by moisture venting into and under your home’s floorboard. That’s a clear sign, that there’s a chink in the armor of your home. Somewhere there is a leak in your home, where moisture seeps in, and your home loses heat at the same time. Call in an expert if you think this might be relatable to you.  

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By using springtime as an opportunity to overhaul your home, your health could improve in ways you’ve never thought before. Since your breathing can improve following the techniques mentioned, stress levels can also decrease; giving you a greater night’s sleep.


Dust mites are known to feed off dead skin cells which the human body sheds in the hundreds of thousands every day. From the excrement of the dust mites, serious health issues can arise. From their action, dust mites also cause asthma, especially in young children. They’re known to be the leading cause, for asthma in the Western world. If your sheets aren’t regularly changed, vacuuming your mattress and bed sheets could solve the health issues dust mites cause.


Photo by – Thomas Berg


The bathroom


How long have you had that body scrub sponge? Sure, you clean after your shower every day, but bacteria can cling onto the microscopic fibers. It may seem like your sponge or scrubber is clean, it probably feels like it too. There comes the point where the fabric becomes so worn out that the fibers become loose, and bacteria digs a hole inside them. It’s recommended that you change your body scrubber every one or two months; however, this can be done quarterly.


Bacteria, insects and mollusks like snails can lurk in your bathroom plumbing. Although it may not smell bad, grime can build to a point where one day your bath or sink will clog for no apparent reason. Pouring bleach down the drains once a month to keep bathroom plumbing clean and healthy.

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