Maintaining a Healthy Mouth

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Maintaining a healthy mouth is important, not only for your physical appearance but also for your physical health. Most people think that they have their oral health covered, but if you’re doing nothing more than brushing, flossing and rinsing, you’re not doing all you can do to keep your mouth healthy.


Here are some of the key things you need to do if you want to maintain a healthy mouth:


Check in With Your Dentist


If you’re one of those people who hates visiting the dentist and you do all you can to avoid a visit, you really need to bite the bullet and make an appointment right now. Around half of the US population do not see their dentists at least once a year and this is such a shame because dentists will catch the tell-tale signs of tooth decay gum disease and other problems much sooner than the average person, and they will be able to refer you to places like should you need dental implants, dentures or other cosmetic dental procedures.


Ditch the Soda


Even if you’re brushing, flossing, rinsing and visiting your dentist as directed, if you are drinking soda more than occasionally, you are doing untold damage to your teeth. It might not be evident yet, but if you continue sipping the sweet stuff, eventually your teeth will fall foul of acid erosion and cavities, and they will start to look less than their best. You might think that switching to diet soda will solve the problem, but diet drinks still contain acid, and this will have a negative effect on your teeth.


Give Up Smoking

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If you’re a smoker, there are many reasons to give up the habit, as you can see at and although the health of your teeth might not be the most pressing one, it is something you should think about, especially if you want to avoid yellow, nicotine stained teeth and bad breath.


Choose Your Toothbrush Wisely


If you are brushing with a toothbrush that has stiff, harsh bristles, you could cause your gums to bleed, or even recede, which is why you should always choose a brush that has soft bristles and replace it after 3-months maximum.


Perfect Your Brushing Technique


Brushing twice a day isn’t enough, you need to practice the proper technique too. In order to do so, you should hold the brush at an angle of 45 degrees when pointing towards the gum line. Then, gently brush your teeth using circular motions. This will remove plaque and food without causing damage to your gum-line.


Perfect Your Flossing Technique

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Again, it is important that you floss your teeth correctly if you want to maintain healthy teeth and gums. The right way to floss is by winding a foot of floss between both index fingers, allowing a couple of inches to work with. Hold the floss tight to the tooth and use a new piece for each tooth.


If you do all of these things and you watch what you eat, you will have one of the healthiest mouths around.

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Your 5-Day Plan For Moving House

Have you been losing sleep about your upcoming house move? It’s true that moving house can be very stressful, but there are various ways you can try to reduce all the stress and worrying. One of the best ways is to make sure that you are as organized as you can be. And there is no better way to get organized than by getting a plan in order. To help your move go as easy as possible, I’ve created this five-day plan. It includes everything you need to do on each day in the run up to your big move!



Five Days To Go: Start Packing


Don’t leave your packing until the last minute. Otherwise, you will only rush it and could end up leaving some important items behind. This will also give you enough time if you need to source some extra packing materials, like extra cardboard boxes or bubble wrap. When you take your time packing, you will also find that you are able to be a lot more efficient and won’t need to cram a lot into very few boxes.


Four Days To Go: Consider Auto Shipment


Have you already figured out how you are going to transport your car to your new home? Most families drive it themselves, especially if they are going to put some of their home items in it if they run out of space in the van. However, some cars may not make the long drive for moves that cross through states. This is when a company like comes in. When you hire a car shipping company, they will collect your car and safely transport it to your new home. You will have complete peace of mind knowing that it’s in safe hands!


Three Days To Go: Check In With Your Moving Company


When there are just three days ago, you need to check in with your moving company to make sure that they are ready to help you on your big day. All you need to do is give them a quick call to confirm the time you want them to be at your home. It’s also worth making sure that they know the route to your new property.



Two Days To Go: Get The Keys


If you haven’t already got the keys to your new home, get them just a couple of days before you move. If you have some spare time before the actual moving day, and your new property isn’t too far away, you might want to take some things to leave at your home.


One Day To Go: Clean Your Old Home


You should clean your old house so that it is ready for the new owners. If you don’t have much time for this yourself, you could always hire a new company such as Once it’s all cleaned, you can start to focus on what you need to do the next day – moving day!
Hopefully, this will talk all the stress away from your move!

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