Tackling The 4 Challenges Of A Growing Business

If you are a business owner, or if you are dreaming of becoming tomorrow’s entrepreneur, you need to be aware of the challenges that a company brings. Besides launching a startup and creating a market for your offering, the biggest obstacles that you will face in your business life are related to a positive event: Business growth. Indeed, business expansion is synonymous with new responsibilities, new tasks, new needs, new customers. While it’s great to grow your business, if you don’t plan growth properly it is likely to turn into a failure.


Finding The Right Talent

Hiring new talent


Business expansion means that you will need to look for new team members. It’s important to work closely with a professional recruiter as finding the right talent for your company can be tricky. More importantly, when you hire someone new, you are not hiring only a set of skills, but an individual. The right skills but the wrong mindset can be just as destructive in an employee than the wrong skills. Therefore it’s important to sit down with an HR expert to explain to them what your company needs and the kind of soft skills and attitude that the right candidate will need.


Embracing The Right Tech And Support

There is no denying it: When you grow your company, your IT needs will also grow. With a large team comes the need for a managed IT solution from certified experts, such as palmtech.net, who can look after your technical system and prevent any costly breakdown. Small companies often try to save cost by embracing a DIY attitude, where the office manager also becomes responsible for the network system. This attitude is, unfortunately, a mistake. Your IT system needs to be constantly monitored to prevent any breakdown and to stay up-to-date. In short, don’t save on cost; use a professional tech support.


Reaching Out To New Customers

Business growth means reaching out to a new market, whether it is a new location or new industry sectors. In other words, it is about reaching out to customers who don’t know you. Most small businesses tend to continue as they’ve always done and hope for the best, reasoning that it’s what generated their current success. It’s a mistake. To reach new customers, you need to research the new market pockets that you are targeting. Who is the new audience group, is the question you need to answer to grow. As a result, you will have to modify your marketing approach to appeal to the new target group.

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Dealing With Big Clients

For small businesses, supplying big clients can be daunting and difficult. Therefore it’s important to develop the right approach. Large organizations face important competition and market expectations, that, as a small supplier, you need to research and understand to become deal-worthy. With these clients, knowledge is power and collecting relevant market data is seen as a deal maker. Additionally, the cost of maintaining a contract with a large client can be very high. Therefore you need to ensure that, as a supplier, you are in a position to deliver large quantities to cut your cost down.

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You Won’t See These Driving Issues In The Movies

Watching movies related to driving and action adventures on the road can be fun, but it’s frustrating once you realize that they could never happen in real life. It can take you out of the moment a little because you start to say ‘well that’s just silly’ and ‘cars don’t fly!’ Still, it’s quite funny to think about some of the worst problems on the road that are completely ignored by Hollywood.


Where’s All The Traffic


If you happened to catch the latest Fast & Furious film, you will have seen Dominic Toretto and his team cruising around New York City on roads that looks suspiciously empty for one of the most popular places in America. In fact, anyone who’s ever been to New York will tell you you’ll be lucky to travel five blocks in fifteen minutes let alone twenty in fifty seconds! But this is a common trait in Hollywood and even in TV shows. The best example were earlier seasons of 24. Since the show ran in real-time, producers knew they’d have to completely ignore traffic in LA. Otherwise, viewers would have spent the whole show watching Bauer honk his horn and yell at the car in front to move.

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Shaken And Then Arrested


Bond wouldn’t be Bond without the classic drink order somewhere present in the film. But viewers will notice that no sooner has he taken a swig he’s back in a car speeding after a bad guy, usually in a fairly populated area of a city. What we’ve never seen is the top spy pulled over for a DUI. Nor have we seen the effects drinking has on driving. Even after a couple, your reaction times are dramatically increased making those tight turns all but impossible. You probably know what to do if you are stopped for DUI, but what would Bond do? We’ll never know because we guarantee it will never happen.


Where Are The Speed Cameras?


The Fast And The Furious wouldn’t have spawned seven sequels if they hadn’t completely abandoned the idea of being arrested for racing and speeding. Fans of the franchise will know that it actually started with a cop going undercover to catch a thief/street racer. Now, they can quite happily speed as much as they like and never have to worry about the cops chasing them. If you tried to speed in a populated area, you’d soon see red white and blue in the mirror.


What Happened To Physics?


Lastly, who hasn’t seen a car fly through the air after going up a particularly steep hill in a movie and wished they could try it with their vehicle? Well, unfortunately, it wouldn’t work. Almost every car you can buy without mods is far too heavy for this type of stunt, and you’d be lucky to get it even a couple of inches off the ground. In fact, they’re pretty much designed to always keep the four wheels firmly on the tarmac. But that will never stop Hollywood showing them taking off like a jet plane.

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