Keeping Your Home Safe When You Travel Overseas

Ah, there’s nothing quite like packing your bags and heading away for a much needed vacation. The relaxing, the exploring, the ‘oh wow, this is different factor’ is intoxicating (as are the beers and cocktails…), and we all know we’d go away more than we do, if only we could. One thing that can dampen the excitement of going away, however, is leaving the home unattended. Are you able to really relax, knowing that your home is empty and you can’t say for certain what’s going on inside? Here’s a few tips to keep your mind at peace.



Keeping Things Quiet


What better way to alert would be criminals than to…let everyone know that you’re away! It makes no sense to tell the whole world that you’re off to Florida for two weeks. What do you gain? Nothing. Where to stand to lose? Well, everything! Keep it off Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter until you’re back home. Criminals search for public profiles advertising as such, and even private accounts are at risk too – can you really trust everyone on your friend’s list?


Someone’s Home!


To be honest, it’s hard to really make it look like someone’s home when they’re not. Because something has to give. Leave on all the lights and that’ll look odd, especially at four in the morning. Keep your curtains closed and well, what does that suggest? Leave your house in whatever state you leave it when you naturally leave the home. If there’s a sidelight on, then great, keep it on. Trying too hard will just draw attention to your house – not what you want!


Securing the Vulnerable Spots


If someone thinks you might be home, then the least you can is make it difficult for them to gain entry. Before you go away, make sure any vulnerable entry sites have been properly taken care of. There are some brilliant suggestions about what to do with your garage door, which is one of the more common entry points. Also checking that doors at the back are properly secure and that there are no easily climbable areas of your house leading to non-secure windows will also help.  


Neighborhood Watch


Having a friend or family member “checking in” at your house every couple of days will keep your house looking alive. Just having someone drive up and enter your home would be enough to make it feel lived in. They can also check that nothing’s gone wrong with your house while you’re away and who knows – they might even get the milk in so you have some for when you’re back! Having a ‘help yourself to whatever’s in the fridge’ policy will ensure people don’t find it a chore to go round.


Securing the Valuables

If you’re really concerned about particular items in your home, remove them and put them somewhere completely secure, such as a safe or in someone else’s home. That way, even if someone can get in they’ll be nothing overly valuable taken. It’s still not nice, of course, but it’s comfortably more acceptable than the alternative!

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Get A Piste Of The Action

Whilst it is incredibly exciting that Spring is only a few short weeks away it does, unfortunately, mean the ski season is coming to an end.  We know, we feel it too!


However it isn’t too late to head out and enjoy a few more weeks of adrenalin fuelled fun and, with a few little tweaks, you could make this a little bit more luxurious than your last ski trip.


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Heading out to Aspen is a fantastic idea.  The tail end of the season does mean you might lose a little snow quality as the main bulk of tourists have been going hard on the slopes for a few months now and fresh snow is falling less and less, however it does have the added bonus of meaning there are a few last minute deals to snatch up.  If you are in a position to hightail it out of work with 24 hours notice, you could save yourself a small fortune.  Hurrah!


This little saving might give you just enough to invest in some pretty awesome airport transportation, rolling into the resort in chauffeur driven style without lugging your skis and bags on a shuttle bus or into a hired car.  Also, who needs a hired car on a skiing trip anyway?  


If you have got a great deal on accommodation then you may feel tied to one resort, but the best thing about Aspen is you have so many options and so much access.  If you have been lucky enough to bag a week or two in Snowmass then you are probably not going to want to head off anywhere else.  You have 5547 acres of skiable area, so even though it is renowned as a family resort, there is plenty of space to get away from the crowds and ski your own route.  There is an average of 300 inches of snowfall and it boasts a vertical drop of a whopping 4406 ft.  With some of the best black routes on offer you can test your skills or take a more peaceful approach on one of the novice runs.  


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Travel is essential for keeping us healthy of mind and increasing our acceptance. You learn so much about culture and other people.  Skiing in Aspen is no exception to this rule, there is a gorgeous town with pretty little streets and vibrant colourful buildings.  You will find some great bars and brilliant restaurants to spend your evenings in and get to know the locals, who adore the tourist trade.  If you fancy trying something a little different, and give your ski boots a rest, then head off on a dog sleigh adventure.  Everything is provided, even the food, so all you have to do is turn on and tune out.  Enjoying the incredible scenery with only the sound of galloping paws surrounding you.  
We don’t know what you are waiting for? Get online and hunt down those end of season deals.  This time tomorrow, you could be on the piste!

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Daily Grind Getting You Down? Great Ideas To Get Away From It All

The daily grind can definitely have an effect on our mental and physical health. For one thing, we are often left exhausted after a long week at work. And we can be so stressed that we need to find ways to relax. If you are lucky enough to have a long weekend, you need to make sure you use it to refresh before going back to work. Here are some great ideas to get away from it all when the daily grind is getting you down.


Head for a spa weekend


One place which will definitely help you to relax and unwind is the spa. As it says on, it’s the best way to relax. After all, you can let go off all your stress and worries and just chill out for the weekend. Go for a package which enables you to stay overnight, or even two nights, to enjoy all the facilities that are on offer. For one thing, spending time in the pool is a great stress-buster, so you will feel relaxed when you get out. Also, you should book in for a couple of treatments during the spa weekend. A lovely massage and a pedicure will help you rejuvenate after a busy few weeks at work. And the best thing about going to a spa is there is no rushing around. You and a friend can go and have a chilled out time without having to worry about the time.




Go on a camping weekend


There’s no better way to escape from everything than going on a camping trip. After all, you are in the middle of nowhere enjoying the open air and nature. And getting out in the fresh air can do you a world of good if you have been feeling stressed. You can go on walks aplenty which will be refreshing for your mind and body. And there’s something about sleeping out in the open air which can help to relax you. In fact, you can get a great tent which is suitable for you and a friend from sites like That way, you can ensure you have a great night under the stars during your long weekend. And if you are afraid of being away from your tech for too long, check out our previous blog for some tech essentials for your camping trip.


           Image from Pixabay


Go on a city trip


You should also consider going on a city trip if you fancy getting away from it all. After all, discovering a new city allows you to meet a wealth of new people and see some amazing sights. And it can help you to relax if you sit in one of the many restaurants and bars that the city has to offer. You can also do a spot of retail therapy which will be a great way to let go of some stress in your life. And you deserve a treat after working so hard!


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Also, going to the beach for the weekend would be an excellent way to get away from it all. You can relax with a good book while enjoying the sunshine bearing down on you! And listen to the calming waves hit the beach will help to calm your mind!

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Make Your Home A Healthier And Clean Abode

You might be surprised to know that our home can often have the biggest impact on our health. And a lot of people don’t even realize that it is doing them harm. But you need to make changes now for the sake of your health. Therefore, here are some ways you can make your home a healthier and clean abode.




Remove clutter in the home


Clutter can have a significant impact on our health. After all, if you have excess clutter in your home, it can clutter up your mind. And it can stop you thinking straight when you are at home. Not only this, but it can affect your sleep too. And without proper sleep, your health will be put in jeopardy. But it’s so easy to end up with a ton of clutter in your home. For one thing, we struggle to get rid of items which we have had for many years. And it means we may not be able to find homes for these items. Also, we tend to leave an item in one place and never get round to find it a proper home. But for the sake of your wellbeing, it’s time to go through old items. Decide if you will ever use it again, and if it’s a no, put it in the bin. It’s time to be brutal to ensure you are kind to your health. And if you do want to keep up the item, it’s time to make sure it has a home! That way, you can clear the clutter and feel much happier in the house! And without clutter, you are less likely to have problems like pests and dust mites in your home.


Get rid of excess moisture


Another thing which might be making you ill without you even realizing is moisture in your home. After all, if you use the dryer a lot, or the shower without an extractor fan, you are going to build up excess moisture on the walls. And if left untreated, it could soon turn to mold. And then you might end up getting ill and could even end up in the hospital with breathing difficulties. Therefore, you need to make sure you don’t end up with excess moisture in your home. Get a dehumidifier which must have the ability to remove excess moisture from your home. And make sure you get extractor fans for when you are using the hob and the shower!


Clean it weekly


The week can go by so quickly, and you realize your home has become really messy. After all, you might not have time in the week to give it a good clean. But unless you want to put your health at risk, you need to make sure you give your home a good clean at least once a week. It will ensure any old food particles and dust are moved before you see the arrival of pests. And it will also stop you having breathing problems which tend to occur when there is overwhelming dust in the home! Therefore, give your home a good clean to ensure you stay nice and healthy.

The Ilo Cleaning Cleanup Washing

The Ilo Cleaning Cleanup Washing

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And make sure you go for calming decor to keep you healthy in the home. After all, a blue or green can help you to sleep better at night and keep stress away!

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The Road To Recovery From Addiction Must Be Steady

Beating addiction isn’t all about suffering withdrawal and get it out of your system. There are a lot of people going through recovery for the first time who believe they can brute force it. That, however, tends to ignore the problems of their habits and their own personality that can send them crashing into a relapse. To fully recover, you need to be as steady as a stream and as watchful as an eagle.



Know your triggers

We all have little triggers for unconscious behaviors that can dominate a lot of our reactions to events. One example is how we tend to turn our feet towards the person we find most interesting in a group conversation. A more pertinent example is how social gatherings, like parties, tend to be a big trigger for anyone with recreational drug or alcohol dependencies. Old friends, familiar settings, and unattended drugs and alcohol are some other common triggers. You need to learn to deal with those triggers by learning to be mindful. Practicing mindfulness means being acutely aware of one’s own reactions and why they are happening as they are. When in doubt, you should always consider removing the triggers from your environment or choosing another environment. Shrugging off old friends and social scenes can be one of the most difficult parts of the recovery process. If there are people who don’t respect your attempts, however, perhaps they shouldn’t be your friends.

Find new coping mechanisms

Even without triggers, you are going to feel those old itches and urges resurfacing again. Finding new ways to cope with idleness are a great way to distract yourself in those quiet moments of weakness. Everyone who goes through recovery has them, and they use some of the most effective ways of taking their minds off their dependencies. Exercise, writing, even meditation can be great positive ways of coping.



Get your support system involved

If you have friends and family who believe in your ability to recover, then it’s a good idea to get them involved in helping that recovery. With the right recovery process from alcohol and drug use, they can get the kind of education on how to be more supportive and more emotionally prepared to help you in the journey. At rehab, you can ask them to send you care packages which serve as a good memento of the positive influences willing your recovery. It can be embarrassing, but asking for help from the right people can be a great asset in your recovery. It’s also a good idea to use support groups and surround yourself with people who can understand your journey to a deeper degree.

Make recovery measurable

Many recovery processes and support groups will offer tokens of how long you’ve stayed clean. You shouldn’t just measure your successes in terms of how long you’ve stayed from your dependencies, however. You should measure all success in your life. If you’ve found a new job, if you’ve taken up a new hobby, if you’ve written a chapter, or run for longer than before: celebrate it. Self-esteem and self-respect can be earned, you just have to take stock of how far you’ve come.

Recovery is beyond no-one. Developing the will-power and the self-awareness are goals that anyone can achieve. They just need the right tools, like those above, to do it.

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