4 Businesses That Your Own Business Isn’t Making Use Of

Businesses need other businesses to survive, that’s a no-brainer. However, there are many business owners that refuse to use another business’s services due to bad blood or arguments in the past, and there are some business owners that are so blinded by their own success that they won’t be willing to invest money into their company to grow it if it means supporting another business.


This is a very stubborn way to go about running your company, but it’s something that admittedly everyone suffers from at the beginning. However, here are four different businesses that you probably aren’t utilising enough that could have a huge impact on your business’s success.


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Software Developers


Computers can do a lot for your business, but most software packages come off the shelf and they’re made for very general uses. What many large companies actually do is hire software developers to create bespoke software for very specific purposes. This eliminates the need to pay a monthly or annual license subscription for a software package, and it means that you get the features you need and nothing extra. This makes teaching your employees how to use the software much easier, and since they can operate it more efficiently it helps to make your business run smoothly.


Specialised Delivery Services


No, this doesn’t mean fast food deliveries like pizza and burgers. What this refers to is specialised delivery services such as fuel or large appliances. Many business owners get their equipment and supplies from large corporations that specialise in office equipment, but did you know that you could get better equipment and more reliable customer service if you decided to speak with a dedicated business? For instance, you could always go to a petrol station to fill up your transportation vehicles, but how about getting it delivered straight to your doorstep by a company like New Era Fuels? It saves time, money in the long run, and a lot of hassle. If you need computers, why order from an office supplies store? Why not contact a computer expert and get your computers built and delivered by a professional?


Web Development


An online presence is incredibly important, and sadly not many businesses are utilising the internet well enough to make an online impact. Make sure that your website is fresh, clean and accessible on mobile devices as well as computers. You can do this by using online tools, or you could outsource web development to professionals. Either way, ensure that you have a great looking website with all the information your customers need.


Social Media Management
This is another thing that can be outsourced. If you’re serious about making an impact on the internet, then you need someone who is dedicated to following online trends and promoting your business through social channels like Facebook and Instagram. With the correct amount of online marketing, your business can spread through social media like a virus and your company will be the first name people think of when they think about your industry.

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Go Green With These 3 Business Ideas

Being eco-friendly is more than just a trend, it’s something everyone should aspire to be. By everyone, I mean individuals and businesses alike. Keeping that in mind, here are some green business ideas you might find interesting:

Organic Food Food Fresh Healthy Nutritious Organic

Organic Food Fresh Healthy Nutritious Organic

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Organic Catering Business

When people think about green business ideas, they tend to focus on things revolving around recycling or renewable energy. However, what you forget is that a lot of damage is done to the environment in the food industry. Companies are making processed foods in huge factories that are pumping out gallons of toxic fumes every day. What you could do is start an organic catering business that brings eco-friendly food to whoever wants it. The focus will be on using ingredients and processes that harm the environment as little as possible. You source your ingredients from local farms and pick locally grown vegetables, etc. All the meat you sell is organic and free-range, making it far better for the environment. Nothing is packaged in plastic tubs that are bad for the environment either. Everything is contained in recyclable containers that are biodegradable and good for planet earth. You can make money by catering to many different people, mainly, you should work the events scene. I can guarantee you’ll find plenty of corporate events looking for organic caterers to enhance the reputation of said event. People will be eager to pay for your catering service because they know it makes them look a lot better if they’re going organic and getting their food from an eco-friendly business. This is great as it puts non-eco-friendly caterers out of business while filling your pockets full of cash.


(Link: http://bit.ly/2kuDrCM)

Metal Recycling Business

A metal recycling business can be very profitable. This is down to a list of various factors. For one, there is a huge demand for the recycled metal. Manufacturing companies are looking for it all over the world. It’s cheaper for them, which means they’ll be keen to spend their money. Secondly, it’s an idea where you can pretty much take something that’s worth nothing, and turn it into a valuable resource. Scrap metal is pretty much free, you can find it for free, head to various scrap yards and pick it up for free, there’s never really any cost to getting your hands on these materials. What this means is that you save loads of money on procurement costs. The only things you’ll have to purchase are items that will help you like scales for a scrap yard and the machines needed to recycle the metal. With limited ongoing costs, it means the potential for profits is so much higher. Plus, there is an abundance of scrap metal everywhere. 90% of the things people throw away will contain scrap metal of some kind. It won’t be hard to get your hands on, and you can recycle loads of it for big bucks. Such a great green business idea.


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Bicycle Business

In truth, this business idea revolves around two key concepts; a business where people can hire bikes, while also being a place where you repair bikes. But, it’s a lot easier to just call it a bicycle business for the time being. It’s a great idea, as bikes are a way for people to directly contribute to helping the environment. If more people can cycle, then fewer people will be in vehicles that give off carbon emissions. It’s simple, and there are many big cities around the world with cycling initiatives and locations within the city where people can rent bikes supplied by the government. However, this doesn’t happen everywhere, and even when it is available a lot of the bikes are hard to ride, or there are none left. With your business, you can provide people with bikes that they can cycle around the city for a day instead of driving their car or getting public transport. Alternatively, you could operate a service that’s the same as a car rental business, only with bikes. People can rent a bike for a few days and return it once they’re finished. Plus, with your repairs service, you can help people get back on broken bikes. Too many people don’t cycle because they don’t have a working bike. Their old one is just sitting in their garage collect dust and rusting over. With your repair shop, you can breathe new life into an old bike and help the environment.


Fancy going green and making lots of money at the same time? Then try out any of these three business ideas.  

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It’s An Adventure Not To Be Underestimated


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Camping is an adventure. It’s one of the few chances we can truly leave our comfort zones and experience what it is really like to be absorbed by nature – whether that is wild camping, laying on the back of a pick-up truck and staring at the stars or going to a small little music festival yet to be ruined by the mainstream. All of it constitutes an adventure, and for anyone who has ever done it, they’ll know that it is rarely a matter of just tossing a tent in a car and leaving. Most of the time it requires a lot of planning.


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Don’t Believe What They Say About The Tent

All tent manufacturers are liars, that is a fact. So don’t become a name on the long list of names of people who have fallen victim. All too often, novice campers will go into a camping shop, or pop online, and buy a snazzy three-man tent to fit them and the three mates they are taking with them into the wilderness, only to get their and realise that a three-man tent barely fits one man and two squirrels. Okay, that is an exaggeration. What we mean is, you’ll all fit, but there will be absolutely zero room to maneuver. So if there are three of you going, then buy a five man tent. If there are two of you, buy a three-man at least.


Research Everything You Can

Seriously, the more you know, the more enjoyable the experience, and that is because you’ll be better prepared for the changing scenarios. So before you leave on your next camping trip, research the weather, make sure you know what temperature it will be in the day and what it will drop down to at night. Make sure you have read up on different wilderness survival tips, have a map that shows where the different freshwater sources are and if there are any known threats in that area, whether wasps or bears or whatever. The more you know the better protected you are.


Knowing Where To Pitch Is Critical

You may think you have found the perfect pitch because the vistas from the front flap are unrivalled, but that is really the case. Sure, you’ll have brilliant views, but you’ll have far from brilliant comfort. As such, there are two things you should prioritize when looking where to pitch your tent. Firstly, make sure you are on a level bit of ground. You don’t want your tent to start rolling and you don’t want to find that you are slipping anywhere in your sleep, so find somewhere flat. The second piece of advice is about lumps and bumps. Basically, don’t pitch your tent on any lumps and bumps. You will not get comfortable, you will not sleep and you will end up resenting the vistas you thought would make the experience.


Camping Is Cold. Accept It.

It doesn’t matter if you pick midsummer’s day, or you decide to go on a road trip and start camping in a desert, camping will always get cold at night. You’ll start shivering. You’ll start moaning. You’ll start cursing. So always make sure you have packed enough in the way of sleeping equipment. This means a three season sleeping bag, thick socks, and any equipment you may need to light a fire.

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You Won’t Beer-lieve It! How To Take Your Mind Off Alcohol

Alcohol dependency affects around one in ten people at some point in their lives, making it one of the most common addictions out there. During the early stages, you’re hardly aware that there’s a problem. But it’s the sort of thing that sneaks up on you slowly, slowly gnawing away at your social life and your health. Often you realize you might have a problem just in the nick of time.

The problem with drinking too much is that it is often covering up for a deeper, underlying issue, like so many other addictive habits. It’s the desire to feel good in the moment to get away from negative feelings.

The good news is that there are plenty of other ways to do that which are actually good for you. Here’s how.


It turns out that meditation isn’t just something for Buddhists or ancient mystics: it’s something that is beneficial for everybody. The real positive impact of meditation shows up time and time again in the research literature. Physical effects, like lowering blood pressure and reducing stress hormone levels have actually been observed, proving that there is a genuine mind-body connection.



Meditation attempts to get to the core of the problem by focusing on ridding the mind of its negative energy – the thing that is driving addictive tendencies. This is fundamentally the reason why so many people visit an alcohol rehab center. They want to find a way to resolve the underlying issues that lead them to want to drink in the first place and deal with it.

Go Hiking

Many of the people who get addicted to stuff feel “boxed in” whether that is literally because they are confined to their home or their neighborhood, or whether it is mental because they are trapped in dysfunctional relationships. An excellent way to escape this feeling is to go on hikes to see the wider world and take in all its beauty. Hikes are a stark reminder that the world is a lot bigger than we are.



There may be some science to suggest that hiking is a good way to wean yourself of alcohol. The evidence comes from animal studies involving rats. Rats who were confined to a small space and not allowed freedom to move around long distance were more likely to get addicted to cocaine than rats that were. This led researchers to theorize that being caged and imprisoned by something is more likely to lead to addiction, perhaps because it is a way of coping with confinement.



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  1. R. R. Tolkien, the man who wrote The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, is believed to have started writing as a form of therapy. He was involved in the futility of the First World War and saw just how easily human life could be thrown away. He, as well as other famous authors like C. S. Lewis, picked up their pens and tried to process their trauma by writing books. To some extent they succeeded, and through their works they inspired a generation. Freelance Typesetters can help you to turn your writing into a published book, which can be an added plus for using writing as a form of therapy.

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