Keeping Your Home Safe When You Travel Overseas

Ah, there’s nothing quite like packing your bags and heading away for a much needed vacation. The relaxing, the exploring, the ‘oh wow, this is different factor’ is intoxicating (as are the beers and cocktails…), and we all know we’d go away more than we do, if only we could. One thing that can dampen the excitement of going away, however, is leaving the home unattended. Are you able to really relax, knowing that your home is empty and you can’t say for certain what’s going on inside? Here’s a few tips to keep your mind at peace.



Keeping Things Quiet


What better way to alert would be criminals than to…let everyone know that you’re away! It makes no sense to tell the whole world that you’re off to Florida for two weeks. What do you gain? Nothing. Where to stand to lose? Well, everything! Keep it off Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter until you’re back home. Criminals search for public profiles advertising as such, and even private accounts are at risk too – can you really trust everyone on your friend’s list?


Someone’s Home!


To be honest, it’s hard to really make it look like someone’s home when they’re not. Because something has to give. Leave on all the lights and that’ll look odd, especially at four in the morning. Keep your curtains closed and well, what does that suggest? Leave your house in whatever state you leave it when you naturally leave the home. If there’s a sidelight on, then great, keep it on. Trying too hard will just draw attention to your house – not what you want!


Securing the Vulnerable Spots


If someone thinks you might be home, then the least you can is make it difficult for them to gain entry. Before you go away, make sure any vulnerable entry sites have been properly taken care of. There are some brilliant suggestions about what to do with your garage door, which is one of the more common entry points. Also checking that doors at the back are properly secure and that there are no easily climbable areas of your house leading to non-secure windows will also help.  


Neighborhood Watch


Having a friend or family member “checking in” at your house every couple of days will keep your house looking alive. Just having someone drive up and enter your home would be enough to make it feel lived in. They can also check that nothing’s gone wrong with your house while you’re away and who knows – they might even get the milk in so you have some for when you’re back! Having a ‘help yourself to whatever’s in the fridge’ policy will ensure people don’t find it a chore to go round.


Securing the Valuables

If you’re really concerned about particular items in your home, remove them and put them somewhere completely secure, such as a safe or in someone else’s home. That way, even if someone can get in they’ll be nothing overly valuable taken. It’s still not nice, of course, but it’s comfortably more acceptable than the alternative!

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