How To Stay Out Of The Firing Line


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Most people would agree that losing their job causes lots of hassle. You’d start worrying about money because you wouldn’t know when your next paycheck would arise. You’d also have to spend a long time updating your CV and applying for new roles. That would be a real shame, especially if you love your current position. With that in mind, there are some excellent tips in this article that should make sure you’re never in the firing line. If you take heed and put this advice into practice, you could become one of the best employees in the company. With a bit of luck, that should help to ensure your job is always secure.


Never arrive at work under the influence


Drugs and alcohol could have a drastic effect on your career. I’m not judging anyone here, but you can’t turn up to work when you’re under the influence. That means you need to stop drinking at a suitable time each evening if you like a couple of cans with your dinner. Smart employers will use breathalyzers and a 13 panel drug test if they become suspicious. So, there is no way of avoiding the issue, and you will get caught out. Substances of that nature will reduce productivity, and you could pose a risk to other members of your team. Whatever you do, don’t be stupid enough to go to work when you’re still steaming.


Always go above and beyond for your employer


You need to go the extra mile if you want to become an invaluable company asset. That could mean staying half an hour late some evenings to complete orders. It could also mean coming up with new ideas and presenting them to your boss. You could even offer to cover shifts when people call in sick or something like that. Just make sure the employer knows you are 100% dedicated to their operation. If they have to get rid of anyone, it’s going to be the people who lack enthusiasm. Always arrive with a smile on your face, use your initiative, and make sure you’re as busy as possible. You boss will take notice.


Arrive in a prompt manner every day


For employers, nothing is worse than a worker who turns up late. It’s going to happen from time to time, and that’s often unavoidable. However, you should never let it become a regular thing. You know the time you’re supposed to start work in the mornings, and so there is no excuse for poor timekeeping. If you want to keep your job for as long as possible and earn a lot of money, you need to show punctuality. Ideally, you should aim to arrive at least ten minutes before the working day is set the begin.
I hope you’ve learned something important today about your attitude towards the workplace. If you’re going to mess around and take advantage, you will never find yourself in a stable position. Take my advice, and your employer will never even consider the concept of firing you. Hard-working team members aren’t easy to find these days, and your boss knows it.

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Reasons Why Travelling Is More Essential Than Ever


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Travelling has never been so accessible. Planes, trains, boats and buses, link us to far-flung corners of the world. It’s never been so easy to travel across the world. Of course, the cost implications are still there. Flights, accommodation, and even food can all be expensive add-ons of any trip. There are so many compelling reasons to travel, though, and if you do get the chance you should definitely go. If you need more convincing take a look at this list of some of the benefits of traveling…


Increased Confidence and Acceptance


Traveling is tough. It’s not all beaches and blue skies. If the planning wasn’t hard enough, there are hurdles you’ll have to overcome whilst traveling too. Depending on where you go, locals may not always speak your language. Communicating with other travelers and locals will require social skills and confidence. The ability to communicate with lots of different people is a hugely transferable skill. Even in our everyday lives at home, the ability to converse with all kinds of people opens up new possibilities. Meeting different kinds of people, with conflicting histories and cultures to our own, also forces us to become more accepting and open-minded.


Career Prospects


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Traveling may seem like an extended holiday, but it could increase your career prospects. Traveling used to be looked at as a way to escape from the responsibilities of our lives. Today, however, it is viewed as a learning experience that can enrich our lives. Employers understand that traveling entails problem-solving, great communication, confidence, and coping under pressure. These skills are easily adaptable to most jobs. Whether you’re camping or staying in hostels and hotels, organization is also an essential skill.




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The costs of living at home are so high. With rising electricity rates, shopping bills, and rent prices, our money doesn’t seem to go very far. Travelling, although there is an initial outlay, is a great way to invest in your future. The amount you’ll learn will be invaluable and could be more beneficial than slaving away at your current job. Learning about different cultures, ways of life, even map reading, are all skills you can develop abroad!


The Chance to Relax and Reassess


Of course, traveling should also be fun and relaxing. At home, with a job and other commitments, it can be difficult to find the time to assess what we want out of life. Laying underneath the stars, or gazing at a stunning vista, is an opportune time to self-reflect! You’ll have plenty of opportunities to quietly contemplate where you’re heading and what you want to achieve. You may find that you return home with a renewed sense of motivation or a completely new purpose. Having some time to meditate about what truly makes you happy could see your life heading in different directions when you return home.
There’s never been a better time to travel. If you’re lucky enough, take full advantage of the amazing transport links and start planning your next adventure!

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Why Every Company Needs Professional Marketing Materials

Companies generate a lot of “literature,” including things like letterheads, catalogs, brochures, annual reports, manuals, and posters. They’re an important part of the company’s image and essential for marketing purposes.


The problem, however, is that many companies don’t take them seriously enough. In fact, they often try to do them in-house with disastrous consequences. As Entrepreneur points out, appearance is everything in marketing, and so getting your public image right really counters.


Here are some tips for successfully utilizing your company’s literature.


Get A Professionally Designed Logo


Your business logo will appear all over the place: on your website, on your letters to clients and on your invoices. As a result, it needs to look half decent. Right now there are a bunch of off-the-shelf logo design packages you can use to generate your own logo. But the problem with these is that they rarely offer you the sort of customization and flexibility you need to make your logo unique. Instead, you end up with something that looks very similar to what’s already out there.


Designing your own logo on a computer using publishing software is also a bad idea unless you’re an expert. Again, it all comes down to how logos are put together. Professionals understand that when designing a logo, it’s essential to use a format that can be scaled across multiple platforms and documents, otherwise it can look stretched and warped.


Give Your Literature A Family Feel


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When printing the literature for your firm, it’s a good idea to make sure that it has a “family feel.” Essentially what that means is that each individual piece doesn’t have to be identical, but people need to be able to tell that they are related. Lay out all of your designs on a table and ask yourself and your colleagues whether it looks like all the pieces have come from the same company. Is everything compatible and recognizable?


Invest In Quality Photography


If the rise of sites like Instagram and Pinterest are anything to go by, photography is becoming more and more important in marketing. Often, though, small companies scrimp on photography expenses, doing a second-rate job as a result.




It turns out that photography is a better investment than many small businesses think. It’s now something that really helps to set businesses apart from one another. Great snaps draw in big audiences and make your business seem professional. Poor shots make you look amateurish and small-scale. Photography, therefore, is an investment in the future of your firm.




Appoint One Person Your Lit Boss


The literature that your business produces isn’t static. It changes with the season, with your product cycle and with your special offers and promotion. At least one person should be responsible for coordinating all of this and making sure that the new material fits the design language of the old. Giving one person the final say helps to avoid your marketing materials taking a design detour into the unknown. Every piece of literature your company produces needs to be purposeful and designed for it’s intended audience.


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