The Ingredients To A Brand That Really Sticks To The Customer

The one thing that any business owner could hope for is that people are thinking about their brand even when they’re not directly in contact with it. The more memorable the business, the better a chance it gets to finally, eventually convert those people thinking about it. So, even when you’re not directly winning over customers, you should be thinking about ways to make sure that their memory of the brand stays ever fresh. Here, we’ll look at three ingredients that make a really memorable brand.


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Times change and the different strategies and focal points of a business change. What shouldn’t change, however, is your branding. If you don’t have a core value to stick to, you’ll find it hard to keep any customer. Similarly, if that value isn’t part of a brand that stays consistent, then how do you expect people to be able to remember what your business is about? The best way to ensure branding stays consistent is to identify the brand story. This is distilling the business down to the core of what it offers customers. It’s about identifying those values at the heart of it and making them the center of any message. Your brand and messaging can evolve, but as long as you have a brand story to stick to, it carries that consistency and those central themes all the way through.


A business becomes a lot more memorable if it takes every opportunity it can to make itself more visible, too. Besides reaching out through outbound marketing like social media and email campaigns, make sure you have a strong inbound presence through your website, content marketing and the like. Make it easier for customers to find you. At live events, get more info on how to stick out and make yourself all the more visible with the right swag and branded wear for your team. If you have any business property, even if it’s an office and not a storefront, make sure that you’re considering the curb appeal and the visual impact of it. Never miss an opportunity to put your brand front and center wherever your business is operating.


You shouldn’t be the only one making noise about your business, of course. Instead, you should be outsourcing that job to those customers already supporting the business. To do that, you need to build a real connection with them. Make sure you’re replying to them when they comment or ask for support on social media. Get them involved with community-based marketing campaigns and giveaways. You can even incentivize them to spread the word by offering deals based on sharing posts online. But the best way to make sure that you’re getting them to communicate well is by paying attention to what they say and taking the time to really address them like people.

A great brand always sticks to the core of its message. It always puts it on display. It always keeps the customer in the loop. Master those three aspects of your branding and you’ll find your business is the one thing that the market just can’t forget.

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