Why Is Your Workplace So Tense?

It’s never a good feeling, that sense of foreboding in the air. Your team isn’t talking to you as much as you would like and they seem like they’re always under pressure. A tense workspace isn’t good for anyone involved. It’s stressful, it’s unproductive, and it can get in the way of proper communication. To clear the air, you need to find exactly why everyone is so tense.



You’re using your team wrong

Simply put, if people look like they’re too busy to talk and always pushed to the wall, it might be because they are. You need to take a closer look at the workloads of your team and cut the nonsense from it. Help them manage their team and prioritize their tasks so they realize that not everything on their plate needs to be done now. At best, you could them automate or at least make their work easier with the right software. At worst, you might need to think about hiring another person. However you do it, easing the pressure off them can immediately make the office a happier place.

People don’t know they’re doing a good job

Another reason that people might think they have to push themselves so hard is because they might believe they’re not doing well enough. If people don’t occasionally get some good feedback, they might end up believing they don’t deserve it to the point that they could even fear their jobs are in danger. Simple staff appreciation ideas, from a thank you for the hard work to the occasional reward, are essential in any happy workplace. It allows people to ease up on themselves a little. It also incentivizes great work without putting too much of the ‘or else’ fear to go with it.

Some are getting away with too much

It’s not always down to how people are handling their own work, however. Instead, it might be that a few toxic influences are having too much influence on the workplace without you noticing it. People will try to get away with pressuring others, harassment, and overly competitive behavior. The ‘I-come-first’ attitudes don’t work in an environment where people have to work together. Set the example of the team player yourself, while keeping an eye out for those who aren’t following that lead.

The business is in trouble

It’s not one that you will want to recognize, but if the business is in trouble, the employees might spot the warning signs of it before you. This will put them in fear of their jobs and could have them looking for a way out. If you can’t prove that business is going to make it through the tough spell, then you should instead rally them as a team. Have them contributing their ideas and come up with a strategy to turn things around once more. Don’t just let the ship go down without anyone trying to fix the leak.

Identifying the source can make it a lot easier to clear the air and get people moving to the lively, happy workplace your business can really benefit from. Otherwise, you might have a hard trouble running it and keeping people to run it with you.

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