Shifting That House That Just Won’t Budge

Sometimes, finding a buyer for your house can feel very much like finding that needle in the haystack. However, the problem might be that you’re looking in the wrong pile of hay, or you’re not using the magnetism at your disposal to bring all those needles right to you. Selling a home, even one that seems resolute on staying right where it is, needn’t always be quite so difficult. Here, we’re going to look at the knowledge that can speed that process right along.


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Know what sells a house

Believe it or not, the amount of time you’ve spent living in and loving a home isn’t going to be the biggest selling factor you can market. When people are looking at a home, they need to know the specifics of what it can offer them. One of the biggest selling points of a home is space. If you have a sizeable attic, basement, or connected garage that could be converted to living space, mention it. Even better, consider making an investment to convert it. In your advertising, highlight the area the home it’s in if that area has some strong marketable qualities. For instance, look at proximity to things like schools, university, and retail centers.


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Know the market

Those aspects of the area are also going to help you better pin down your place in the market. For instance, families will have more use of areas near schools as opposed to single individuals. But that’s not the only way getting to know the market can help. You also need to know the right pricing and the right places to advertise. Assistance from real estate experts can help you find your appropriate position on the market. Some of them can even help you connect to a network that they run internally, helping you reach people in the market you might not otherwise be able to reach. It’s important to know when to use a bit of help, especially if your house is getting little attention at the moment.


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Know when you need to fix it up

If you’re getting attention, but few offers, then the problem isn’t how your marketing or positioning your home. The problem is with the home itself. Many of these problems can be easily fixed. For instance, you might think your swimming pool is a great accompaniment for the home, but have you considered that it’s more work for anyone who plans on moving in? Does your home feature a little too much of your personal tastes when people come through it? Could the garden use a bit of care in tidying up its appearance? These issues in home marketability will not only put customers off, it can decrease the value set by any valuations you or your customers get.

As with selling anything, knowledge is what’s going to help you sell your home a lot better. Know the demands of would-be homeowners, know how to position yourself on the market, and know when you need to do a bit of work to improve the appeal of your product.

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