You Might Be Devaluing Your Home Without Realising

It’s not always easy to sell your home for the price you want at the best of times. If you live in an area that doesn’t have a booming property market, then you to need to make sure that your home is on point in as many areas as possible to give yourself the best chance of moving on to your next home. Unfortunately, sometimes we’re putting ourselves at a disadvantage without even realising it.


Termites and Rodents


A home can be as presentable and as well furnished as possible, but if you have creatures living just below the surface, then it’s going to be an immediate red flag for potential buyers. Termites and rodents can have a hugely detrimental impact on the well-being of a home, and this will show when it gets valued by an inspector. Get a rodent and termite inspection if you suspect anything and bring your house back up to full value.




A Swimming Pool


It’s a nice image: a large, clean swimming pool right in your back garden for use on those long summer days. Sounds great on paper, but it does make selling your home more tricky. For starters, the upkeep of a swimming pool can cost a lot. Second, not everybody actually wants a swimming pool. In fact, most people don’t. When they see one in the back, they’re not thinking of the health benefits of swimming – they’re seeing the cost of getting it filled in.


Crazy Paint Schemes


Many people like to stamp their creativity and personality onto their home, and that’s a really great thing. But if you are thinking of adding an unorthodox paint scheme to your home, then you should be aware that it’ll probably decrease the value. Part of what makes your decoration so enjoyable is that it’s your personality; someone else will have a different personality. Understated colours work best as they show the potential of a home and not the drawbacks.


The Small Details


It’s easy to overlook the small details, especially when you live in your home and don’t really notice them anymore. You might think that potential buyers are just going to see the big stuff – the size, how clean it is, the location, and so forth, but all the small details contribute to their overall view of the property. Deeply dirty windows, light switches that don’t work, wallpaper peeling in the corners will all give a bad impression. However, they’re easy to fix so make sure they’re all in order!


The Front


Don’t just focus on the inside of your home: potential buyers will be entering through the front, and it’s here where their impression of the property will begin. Spend some time sorting out the front of your home, ensuring the grass is trim and any debris or toys have been cleared away. The door, also: it might not be a priority to you, but it’s the first buyers interact with and it needs to be in good shape!

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