Turn Your Dump Into A Gorgeous Showhome


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We all have those ‘really’ moments, where we suddenly think is this really it. Such as, is this really my wardrobe, is this really how filthy my car has got, and is this really where I live. The last one is the most common. We get so comfortable with our homes we sometimes forget how amazing a quick home-improvement can be. It doesn’t have to be a whole makeover; it could just be one room, and it doesn’t have to cost thousands and thousands; it could be a few hundred bucks. So why not get your DiY head on and turn your dump into a gorgeous home you can be proud of with these simple ideas.


Paint Your House Happy

The obvious first move is to lift your home with a splash of paint. This is a surefire and stunning way to get rid of any grubby finger marks and hide the beige life encouraged by magnolia walls. That is paints magic ability, it can change your mood, it can uplift your mornings, it can alter your perceptions. As such, why not make your entrance brighter, or your living room softer or your bedroom more wow. And why stop with the walls. A great place to use paint is in your kitchen. Most kitchens are made to feel dated or dark because the cabinets are either dated or dark. So why not give them a makeover. Paint them a lovely green to make them feel a little bit more in touch with nature.


Lift Your Floors

Floors can be the defining feature of your house, and is usually the first thing that catches and steers your eye. But adding a new hardwood flaw tends to cost a bob or two. So why not consider the alternatives. Why not check out the quality laminate flooring by Carpet One and see how easy and cheap it can be to get a gorgeous floor that not only enriches your home, but draws your eye along your hallway and into your kitchen.


Add Some Charm

It’s the little things that will give your harm that little sprinkling of charm and, what’s more, it’s the little things tend to be cheap. So why not get lost on Pinterest for an hour and see what will do wonder for your home. It could be a crown molding in every room, something that is sure to add charm and value for very little money. It could be a DiY stair-runner that captures your heart the moment you step through your front door, like a brightly coloured and self-woven runner from the local market. It could be the striking addition of interior shutters that give your home that old french feel, light cascading through the gaps in the slats. What’s more, these don’t just serve as decorative, or gorgeous, or as a way to stop your neighbors peeking into your home. They actually serve as a means of keeping the heat in during the winter and the heat out during the summer. What an investment.

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