Strangers In The Night… Exchanging Your Poorly Protected Home For Fort Knox!

Securing your home is a major priority when you live in a “rough” neighborhood. Did you know that it takes 7 seconds for a burglar to make up their mind if they want to break into your home? In that 7 seconds they have looked at your home and picked off the various access points and have sized up how secure your home actually is. Making sure that you have the best security methods inside and outside of your dream home will keep it pristine!


Protecting Your Possessions



The best approach is to have a detailed list of items you own, right down to the specifications, so you can pass this to your insurance company to keep your contents policy up to date. For extremely valuable items, like jewellery, it is surprising how many people leave them in their make-up drawer or on a table. These are some of the first things a thief will go for! Invest in a security box that can only be opened by key, or a small safe if you have lots of valuables.


Doors And Windows

The easiest points of entry for any burglar, the doors, and windows of a standard home are lacking in the best types of locks, like deadlocks and a security chain. Are your doors as secure as they can be? Installing security screen doors are an essential part of security in the home. They have special mesh to go over the doorway to give you that added layer of protection. Sliding doors or patio doors are an easy entry point for burglars because the standard types have just the one clip lock. To keep it secured, place a metal bar in the tracking of the door. And if you have single-glazed windows, changing them for UPVC will make it much harder for a burglar to break through. And make sure you lock your windows, for an open window will not result in a payout from the insurance company if all your worldly possessions have been stolen!


Giving The Illusion Of Being At Home


There are simple, yet effective ways of keeping your home burglar-proof, and this is all about pretending that you are at home when you aren’t! Setting the timer to switch on the lights at intervals is a great way to keep the illusion. Purchasing motion sensors for the garden will work wonders, as the lights will switch on as soon as somebody passes the sensor. An amazing trick to keeping your home safe, when it comes to your garden, is to have a neat garden. This way, you don’t have massive shrubs that thieves can hide in, and having every corner lit up will give them nowhere to lurk. Another trick is to have a “beware of the dog” sign, even if you don’t have a dog! The sign itself will be enough to make a burglar realize that your home is not worth their time!


Look after your home, and it will look after you. So take these methods on board and cure all of your security problems.

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