Sage Advice For A Sucessful Business Roadshow




If you are a startup owner worried about attracting clients to your business, why not go out and find them instead? Events and Roadshows are incredibly popular these days, as it gives businesses a chance to get up close and personal to their ideal clients. Of course, it’s essential that you get it right – and I’m going to reveal some top tips for you to ensure your next Roadshow is a fantastic success. Read on to find out more!


Plan your objectives


OK, so you have a product or service that you want to demonstrate to customers, but you have a big question to answer first: why? Any successful roadshow needs to align directly with your core business objectives. It might be to build up a list of potential clients for marketing purposes. It could be to make some early sales. Or, it might just be to raise awareness of your new product. The point is, ensure that you have a reason for taking your goods and services on the road, other than for the sake of it.


Choose your locations


There are two steps to choosing the right location, so don’t just select the most exciting venues you can find. First of all, you have to work out your ideal audience – who are they, and most importantly, where do they live? Your venue choice will depend largely on its proximity to your customers, and the ease in which they can get there. Thorough market research is needed before you start choosing a venue and location – so don’t miss out this critical stage.


Hiring and buying


Will you need any equipment for your roadshow? You might need to develop relationships with marquee companies, or diesel generator suppliers to give some power for outdoor events. If you are hiring space, ensure that it is cost-efficient for your needs. For example, many hotels will rent out spaces to businesses in the form of packages, which include things like catering and staff. Do you really need all this, or would it be possible to cut your costs and get a better deal?


The importance of speakers and entertainment


I hate to break it to you, but as a fresh young startup, your idea is not likely to resonate with a huge audience – yet. So, you need to give people other reasons to attend your roadshow. Are there any industry thought leaders you could hire to speak at your event? Will you have any other form of entertainment – music, for instance, or even a magician? Take a look around at what the major industry trade shows do and see if you can follow suit on a smaller scale.


Promote it


Finally, don’t assume that your event will sell out just because it exists. The simple truth is that it won’t. To ensure maximum capacity, you will need to perfect your pitch, and then promote, promote, promote. In many ways, this will involve even more work than arranging the roadshow itself – so be prepared for some late nights and constant marketing.  

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