Mr Blanding Built His Dream House And So Can You!

That title’s a reference to a 1948 Cary Grant film about a man who buys what he thinks is his dream home. He then discovers that the home is a disaster and sets about rebuilding it. It’s a ridiculously funny film that has been remade several times. You might know The Money Pit with Tom Hanks or Are We Done Yet starring Ice Cube. Each film shares the same conclusion. The house is eventually rebuilt and it’s a dream come true. It looks stunning and would be a place that anyone would love to buy. I’d be willing to bet that outcome has encouraged quite a few people to buy and build their own dream home. But is there a way of avoiding the hell they go through first in these films before they get the final result? There sure is!


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It’s Expensive So…


Cut costs elsewhere because there’s no getting around the fact that building a brand new home costs money. You might have heard that it’s cheaper to build a home than buy one brand new. Not if you’re trying to a build a dream come true it isn’t. If you don’t believe this, just remember it’s the one percent that usually build their own homes. As such, it’s important that you cut costs as much as possible in other areas. For instance, you should make sure that you’re getting the best price for the move team. Local movers often vary their prices dramatically so it’s worth shopping around for the cheapest deal. This isn’t the only area you can cut costs either. You’re also going to need the help of a solicitor. Again, you should be looking for the one offering the best price for a quality service.


It’s Difficult So…


Choose your building and design company carefully. Back in 1948 building your own home was quite common. After all, there was still plenty of land in the suburbs of the biggest towns and cities. Families would buy it and then set to work building a beautiful house there. This idea has become more popular recently, thanks mainly to the reduction in cost of home builds. It’s now possible for a building company to offer a private service like this with a price tag that middle class families can afford. But you do have to make sure you get a great team. With so many to choose from it would be easy to fall for a scam business or one that doesn’t care about providing a quality building.


It Will Take A While So…


You’ll spend a few months completing plans for your home and up to a year getting it built. You don’t want to rush this process because that will lead to issues with quality. Remember, at some point, you probably will want to sell this house to someone else. It’s not just you that’s going to be living there and needs to like it so don’t cut corners. Otherwise, you can end up with a property that is virtually unsellable, and you don’t want that.


Once you’re finished, I’m sure you’ll be thrilled with your new home. It could be everything you’ve ever wanted.

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