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What makes customers buy from a business and what little details will ensure that you lose an important sale in your company? It’s an interesting question and one that you need to be prepared for either as in existing business owner or a new entrepreneur who is thinking about opening a company. It’s true to say that there are lots of little things that will make consumers more or less likely to purchase your products and services. For instance, you need to think about style and presentation. But you also need to look at how your company compares to your competition. If you’re not rising ahead of the other companies on the market, you’re not going to claim the level of demand that you want or need. To examine the issues that affect a sale we’re going to look at examples in specific industries. We’ll start by thinking about companies online and what impacts their sale rates.


Online Impacts




If you’re running a business online, you need to consider the effect of your website and your social network. Both connect together to create at least part of your online business profile. Your online business profile is the tool that you can use to win over new customers online, spread the word about a product or simply build up a buzz. But again, it’s the little details that matter. For instance, did you know that a single picture, link or even keyword on your site could be the difference between a sale and a stumble on the market? We know this due to CRO and AB testing. Conversion rate optimization looks at the different aspects of a site and examines sites that have been popular in the past. Using this data, you can then correct your site to make more of an impact online. You can also use A-B testing. With A-B testing, you run two versions of one site at the same time. Half your customers sees version A of your site will the other sees version B. The difference between the two is often quite small. It could be as simple as the first picture that customers see when they open a site.


Customers are quite fickle, and their buying behavior is affected by seemingly insignificant details. If we keep the focus online, you can also consider the way in which your social media campaign works. Whenever you post something on social media, it is with the end intention of winning a sale. However, even the slightest change in the way you use social media can damage your chances. You have to realize that customers see your social media as part of your brand. If your social media changes, your brand does too. This means that you do need to be careful about your tone and style when posting on networks such as Twitter and Facebook.


In The Real World


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Now let’s think about businesses that need to connect with customers and win them over in the real world. The classic example here would be a restaurant. What are the details that ensure customers regularly book tables Friday night at a restaurant? Obviously, the main information that customers will consider usually comes from the reviews of restaurants, either from professional critics or other customers. It’s quite common for customers to rely on the opinions of others before they commit to a decision themselves. The question is what will be affecting the tone and content of these reviews. The little details do matter here, and presentation is important. Before they even get the main product, they are looking around the eatery. They want to feel at home, and they want to see that there’s an ambiance. That’s why restaurant owners often make sure they have all the little details in place such as table runners and napkin holders before they open. It all plays into the idea of professionalism and a great place to dine.


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You also need to think about your employees. Employees are important in every business and their interaction with customers is crucial. However, it is particularly important in cases where the interaction is part of the product. You have to remember that when people head out for a meal, they want to be greeted warmly by your staff. It’s not just about the food, they want everything to be perfect. Usually, in the restaurant industry, you will find that staff are more than willing to go the extra mile for customers. After all, they are looking for that big tip at the end of the night. But there will always be some members of the team dragging your business down. It is important that you weed these individuals out because they will have an impact on your sales and reception.


Out In The Open


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Then you need to consider that there are little details affecting your sale, even before a client has walked into your business. Yes, we are indeed talking about curb appeal. Similar to a house you have to make sure that the outside of your company is making an impression. Otherwise, no one is going to walk in off the streets. Instead, they are going to whiz straight past waiting for something else to catch their eye. Curb appeal is a crucial part of your business marketing, and you can start by thinking about basic, effective forms of promotions such as prints and signage. These will dress up your building and make sure it is eye-catching. Maintenance is important too, and even from the outside, your business needs to look like it is taken care of and well looked after. If it isn’t then, customers may make similar assumptions about your business and what type of service you might be offering.


Be aware that customers will pick up on the smallest of details when they examine the exterior of your company. It won’t just be what the sign says but how well it has been put up. Do your windows look bright and clear or are they covered in muck? You have to understand that every detail of your business builds to create an impression. This impression determines whether you have just found a new customer or lost an opportunity.

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