Three Ways To Improve Your Home Without Really Trying

A lot of us are dissatisfied with our homes, but we don’t necessarily have the time or inclination to completely change everything. We only have so much spare time, which makes it incredibly precious – and even if we have a little spare cash, we don’t necessarily want to spend it on renovating our entire kitchens! Luckily, there are things that you can do without going broke or spending too much time on it…

Think Of New Ways To Clean


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Cleaning fills a lot of us with a deep sense of dread. Things build up and build up until you realise that you’re living in a pigsty and you’re going to have to spend the entirety of Saturday cleaning up. There’s nothing worse than having to waste one of your precious weekend days on something as banal as dusting your surfaces – so it’s time to start cleaning in a slightly different way. Make sure that everyone in your family contributes – make a rota if you have to. You should also try to clean little and often – pick up mess when you see it instead of resolving to do it later. Doing it gradually will turn it into a less overwhelming job.

Improve Your Quality Of Life


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In your home, you should be absolutely comfortable at all times. It’s your haven, your refuge from the rest of the world, a place that’s resolutely your space, so it’s important to try to ensure that you really love it. If your couch is uncomfortable, start looking around for a new one – or if that isn’t a financial possibility right now, try getting a craftsman to replace any broken springs or get it reupholstered. You could also add some squishy pillows and a luxuriant furry throw. Your bathroom should also be somewhere that you relax away from the stress of your everyday life – we all know the feeling of the delicious silence of getting into the shower alone while your partner looks after your small kids! It’s important to make sure that your bathroom is a place of calm and peace. Try fragrant candles, high quality toiletries, and maybe even a water softener to help your soap and shampoo foam up more so you can really enjoy your shower.

Think About How You Use Your Home


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It’s important to consider how exactly you want your home to be used. If you have kids, for example, your needs will be extremely different to someone who lives alone. Maybe you’re having problems with your entire living room being strewn with your kids’ toys – if so, consider putting up a divide so your kids have a small playroom that doesn’t move too far into the adult space. If you want to encourage your family to eat together at the kitchen table in the evenings, make it a more comfortable space with warm lighting and cushioned chairs. If you work at home, prioritize your working space by getting yourself a chair that will support your back well. Your home can be as beautiful as any other, but if it doesn’t suit your family’s needs then ultimately it’ll be useless.

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