Face to Face or Face to Screen: Are the Best Doctors Now Online?

Ever found yourself feeling too weak and weary because of an illness (that, if anything, seems to be worsening) to even go and get it checked out at your local doctor’s surgery? But at the same time you find yourself thinking about how many more of those lemon paracetamol drinks, that you’ve hated since you were forced to drink them by your mother, you will you have to force down your throat before this hell-on-earth ends? If so, maybe it’s time to take matters into your own hands, literally. An increasing trend in health care provision is that of the online doctor format, where advice and even diagnosis is given. But is it a viable option, in comparison to seeing your GP in person? Here, we take a look at the ins and outs of the new format.


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Platforms such as this online doctor app offers users the chance to seek medical advice quickly from leading UK doctors, therapists and medical specialists on your mobile phone. The fact that is it so quick has to be an instant positive, doesn’t it? If the hypothetical situation mentioned at the beginning of this article was to unfortunately transpire for somebody, then the speed and accessibility of such a service could only be a good thing. Internet sites such as this symptom checker to offer a service that greatly speeds up the finding and subsequent diagnosis of any potential ailments or illnesses.


But with this kind of power that the internet offers, also comes a lot induced self-doubt. For example, is what you’re reading entirely true? Does that spot you’ve got really mean you’re dying? Some medical websites are run on relatively simple databases, which means a lot don’t offer definitive answers and merely a nod in a direction due to the fact that it cannot handle or recognise so many different symptoms at once. If the direction a site leads you in isn’t one that is particularly nice, then this itself may lead to hypochondria or over-worrying about the seriousness of what you’re being told you may have. Doctors warned of online communication risks, and when you think about it in this sense, you can see why. Some other problems with online doctors include the fact that if a patient becomes to comfortable with an online format of seeking health help, then they may run to it in a time of need, when really emergencies are best dealt with in an A&E department.


But all of this isn’t to say that there aren’t positives; the previously mentioned accessibility to all (those who have the internet, of course) means that everybody can seek putting their mind to ease, simply with the click of a button. And you can click here to see six online doctors sites tested by leading professionals in the health giver field, or click here for advice on how to deal with everyday problems such as headaches, back aches and depression.

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