On The Social Web, Everything You Say Matters To Your Personal Brand

Do you remember the days when you could say and do whatever you wanted on the internet and not have to worry about it coming back to haunt you? Well, now those days are well and truly behind us. For solopreneurs and businesses, the social web is the social nexus, a place where they have to woo customers and please clients, and, more importantly, manage their personal brand.


And that’s what it all comes down to, isn’t it? – Your personal brand. Your personal brand is your unique marker of quality and professionalism. This is how to build it.






Many people in business think that they can only say things that will appeal to all individuals at all times. But this usually only has the effect of making you seem generic and boring. What people want from leaders in cyberspace are people who aren’t afraid to take a stand on certain issues. They need to know that your beliefs and positions are aligned with theirs to feel a part of your tribe. Your voice and your opinion matters to the people who follow you: those are the people you need to impress.


Manage Social Opinion


On the internet, everybody has an opinion. How people feel about you is important both for the success of your brand and the success of your business. With things like reviews becoming increasingly central to how search engines rank companies on their search results, it’s becoming increasingly important to manage social opinion. Tools like Chatmeter allow you to see what people are saying about your brand across many different platforms, enabling you to respond in real-time and resolve any problems that might arise.


Google Yourself


To make sure that your personal brand is in good condition, it’s a good idea to Google yourself to make sure that everything is as it should be. Jean Dobey, the founder of a publishing social platform called Hibe, says that the information on your Google profile is important for potential clients. If they don’t like what they see, they might cross you off their list of people that they want to work with.


Actively Promote Yourself


Matt Brady, the founder, and CEO of a career consultancy says that there’s no point just writing a blog and hoping that people will come and read it. Blogs need to be actively promoted. He says that people can do this by interacting with the public through branded social media accounts, personally branded websites and through blog hosting platforms like Bloglovin’. If you’re planning on providing up to date news through your site, you can also sign up as a contributor to Feedly in your chosen field.


Create Valuable Connections


Jeff Stephens is the founder of a blogging consultancy. He says that the best way to build your personal brand is to constantly recognize and affirm the work of your peers in your industry. Instead of just going your own way, praising your peers will get them to praise you back, almost automatically. It seems counterintuitive at first, but sharing your content with established players is an excellent way to get recognised.

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