Spreading The Green Gene: Getting More People To Be Sustainable

In case anyone hasn’t realised, we are indeed suffering some of a crisis with our environment. Essentially, if we’re not dedicated to changing our ways, we won’t have much of one left. Yet there are still a lot of sceptics out there, as well as people who simply can’t be bothered to put in the effort. Yet there are more, still, that do care, and those are the ones we can help to support. The more effective we make it for those who want to live sustainably to do so, the more visibility the movement gets.


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Hold your businesses accountable

Corporate social responsibility is a term that has been making the rounds and picking up traction. People are getting familiar with the fact that businesses that benefit from our society should play a bigger role in supporting them as well. Whether you’re a customer or an employee, you should consider bringing up some of the ways businesses can tackle their own environmental practices. There are a lot of ways they can go green, after all, and a lot of them are going to actually help them save money. Make it clear you and plenty others care about the sustainability of the business, but make it a suggestion rather than a demand. Make it seem that you’re offering the solution you are.


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Make way for bicycles

The more we can promote alternative forms of transport than cars, the better. If you run a business or you play any key role in it, then you can incentivize public or physical transport like walking or cycling with rewards like an additional break. Anyone can also look into making requests and creating petitions to get things like cycle shelters installed in public places, too. If you have to drive a car, then make sure you’re sharing the road with anyone cycling. Despite the increased risk to cyclists over the risk to drivers, many car owners refuse to acknowledge that the responsibility of sharing should rightfully belong a lot more to them.


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Talk about it

Everyone has an access to some sort of influence. If people ask you recommendations of purchases, you can tell them to use sustainable retailers and why exactly. You can get in touch with local government and lobby for greener practices in public services, as well as raising awareness. If you have children at school, that can give you the perfect opportunity to get in touch with the educational environment and ask them if they’re talking about green living, too. On a national level, look at your priorities in voting and make sure your choices align with those most important. Where the value of saving the world ranks on your list is obviously up to you, but it shouldn’t be neglected for other views.

You can’t directly change the actions of how people live their lives. Trying to do so will just make people more liable to ignore. What you can do if use every ounce of influence you have around them. Change the culture and you can change the people.

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