Make Your Business Eco Friendly In Five Easy Steps


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In this day and age, people are focusing more and more on the environment and on how they can make their lives greener and more eco-friendly. There are reports in the news every day about how our behaviour is affecting the planet and the environment that we live in, so it makes sense that we would make tweaks in our lifestyles to make things better – after all, when people stopped using aerosols it was so good for the environment that the hole in the ozone layer finally started to repair itself! Here are some changes that you can make in your business to help save the world…

Change Your Bulbs

Replacing your older light bulbs with CFL and LED bulbs. Not only do they use significantly less energy, but they also last for a lot longer than regular bulbs, which will save you money in the long run.

Use Recyclable Materials


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Select eco-friendly paper and when you do need to print things, talk to a service like Managed Print Services which will help you and your company to reduce your carbon footprint and environmental impact. When you’re buying furniture, go for recyclable materials like wood and metal rather than plastic, and don’t be afraid to spend a little more money so you get furniture that will last for a long time.

Go Paperless

Going paperless is something that happens with most companies in the end anyway, but you could accelerate the process by starting to ditch company wide memos on paper and emailing them instead. Take notes on laptops and tablets instead of on paper, and emphasise that your staff should be using emails instead of writing letters. Use an online payment scheme, and keep company records on a computer database instead of in filing cabinets. This can also be a lot more secure. Make sure that you shred any old files with sensitive information in them before recycling them.

Add Greenery


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In your office, you should try to make sure that you have as much greenery around as possible. Not only does this convert carbon dioxide into oxygen, thereby sending more purified air back into the office, but it’ll also help to improve the mental health of your employees. The plants will also help by reminding them that there’s a natural world out there – which is no mean feat when you work in an office all day! Make sure that you assign the task of watering them to someone in particular so they don’t end up withering away and dying – that probably wouldn’t look like a very good omen for the future of the company…

Get An Energy Audit


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If you’re not sure how you can cut down on your energy usage – and therefore your energy bills – then get an energy audit. Some US states will even provide them for free. Sealing leaks and cracks can take up to 20% off your energy bill – and some states will pay for the repairs as well as the audits themselves! If you’d rather do it yourself, or if you want a more temporary solution, try out a draught excluder next to the door.

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