The Advanced Guide To Getting The Most Out Of Your Website

Whether you’re using it to advertise your business or you’re running it as an ecommerce platform, the website is one of the most important tools to doing business online. But a lot of people are content to consider their job done once the site is up. That’s simply not true. Your website should be an ongoing project, constantly pushing for better results. Here, we’ll look at some of the advanced tools you should be using to get the most out of it.


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Getting the most visitors

Getting traffic to your website is important, but how do you ensure that the traffic is relevant? The best place to start is in the search engine. The better and more relevant your site is to people using the search engine, the more likely it is to be recommended to them. The better the user experience, the higher it will appear. The more dead-end links and the worse the site performance, the further down the list. Adding keywords to your pages can be helpful, too, but you should be careful in how you use them. Keyword stuffing isn’t a viable search engine optimisation technique. If you’re adding in every term you can think of, it will only harm your chances of being spotted by more people.

Getting the most conversions

So, you have them on your site. But are you turning them into customers? Not everyone can be converted. But there could be plenty of visitors you’re missing simply by failing to capitalise on their presence. A call-to-action, a better presentation of your content, even a reshuffle of the page can all have a big impact. It’s about finding what works for your conversion rate. To that end, testing is one of the most reliable methods you can use. Strategists like an AB test agency use multiple versions of your pages with variations. They take the individual versions and look at the visitor data to see how those variations change visitor behaviour. This way, you can pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of your site and improve on them.

Getting the most returns

Regardless of whether they become a customer or not, if you can get people returning to your site, you’re benefiting. Not only are return visitors more likely to eventually become repeat customers, but they’re also more likely to share. The way you get them to return is by providing more value for those repeat returns. For instance, if you include a blog with content that is informative or educational, they may keep coming back to see what new advice you have to offer. Give recognition to your most dedicated of customers and fans on the site. This will contribute to a sense of community people are a lot more likely to get involved in.

There’s always a little more work that can be done to improve your business site. There’s another chance for more visibility or another way to convert new customers. Never stop striving or updating. Treat your website not as a simple tool but as an integral part of your business.

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