Perfect Jobs For A People Person

Are you a people person? If so, there are plenty of career opportunities for you to explore, all of which will give you plenty of job satisfaction. Don’t forget, being able to work with people is a skill in itself, and it’s one that you should put to good use. The simple fact is that not everyone can raise a smile, help others, or be the perfect ear to listen to problems. So, if you can identify with this fantastic personality trait, read on. I’ve pulled together some of the best career moves for you to consider. Let’s take a closer look.




The medical world is full of people who love helping others – it’s part of the reason why they go through all that training. And sitting at the top of the people person tree has to be the nurse. They are closer to their patients than any other person in a hospital, and being kind, caring, and friendly at all times is a critical part of the job. It can be tough to keep smiling, of course. You will be dealing with very sick people at times. But those are the skills that will help them – and their families – get through some of the most difficult times of their life.




While marketers don’t have to talk to lots of people every day, they need to understand them! You have to know what makes people tick if you want to compel them into taking action. You need to master the art of persuasion, communicate to a focused audience on a large scale, and understand what drives them on in life. I recommend getting a qualification in marketing as it will give you a boost up the ladder in the early stages of your career.




Do you love getting into people’s minds and finding out who they really are? If so, why not consider becoming a therapist or counsellor? You will get to meet new people every day, each with their own set of problems. You will need to listen, and have the ability to empathise – while at the same time, diagnose their problems. Again, it’s not the easiest line of work, but the impact you can have on people’s lives can be incredible.



Pub landlord

Pub owners are often known as the working man’s therapist. It is essential that you are good with people, and can relate to your customers. You could become an integral part of the community, and despite the fact many pubs are closing they are still in high demand. Choose your location wisely, however. There’s a lot of investment to make, from pub stools to decor, and you will need to establish yourself quickly. Many bars go out of business within the first couple of years, and a poor location is often the primary culprit.



Restaurant manager

While we’re in the food and beverage sector, why not consider becoming a restaurant manager? It’s true that the catering sector isn’t thought of as highly in this country than others, but there is still a lot of career potential. You’ll need to be great with people, of course, and be able to make them feel welcome. But you will also need to have excellent organisational skills, a cool head, and ability to diffuse tense situations!

Are you a people person?

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