Banish Back Pain Forever With These Genius Ideas

Back pain is a serious health problem for millions of people. It’s so common, and there are so many causes. With chronic back pain, you struggle to do so many things. Something as simple as sitting at a desk or standing up is now a tough task. If you do nothing about your back pain, it can lead to other health issues down the line.

So, figuring out how to tackle this pain is a big concern. In this piece, I have some ideas that can banish your back pain forever. Give them a try, and start leading a pain-free life!




Acupuncture is a great way to relieve yourself from muscle pains. Many people are put off by this as they don’t like the idea of being pricked with needles. But, it’s not a painful procedure, and can be extremely effective. Primarily, acupuncture pain management is meant for your lower back. This is where a lot of muscles can get tight and painful. If you have lower back pain, it’s likely you’ll have trouble standing up for long periods, and don’t enjoy sitting either. The needles used will help stimulate blood flow in a specific area. When the blood is flowing in your lower back, it warms up the muscles, causing them to relax. The result should leave you with nice and loose muscles that aren’t causing you pain. Combine this with a massage for the best effect.

Stretching & Strengthening

There are so many causes of back pain, it can be difficult to give proper stretching advice. For anyone with disc issues, stretching your back might not be the best answer. But, for muscle problems, stretching will help cure your pain. Stretching helps release tight muscles and bring balance to your body. A common stretch for lower back pain is to get into a lunge position and stretch your hip flexor. Tense your glutes and abs to tuck your pelvis under and get a better stretch. Stretching your hips is good as there’s a muscle called the psoas that attaches to your lower back. When this gets tight, it pulls on your lower back and makes those muscles tight too. Combine stretching with strengthening exercises as well. Strengthening your abdominals and glutes is great for healing lower back pain.



Address The Root Cause

Finally, the only way you’ll rid your back of pain is by addressing the cause of the pain. For many, back pain is caused by excessive sitting and poor posture. So, you have to ensure you set up your desk in an ergonomic fashion. Make your sitting position more posture-friendly, and stand up to take regular breaks. Similarly, if you have disk or nerve problems that cause the pain, you need to get these seen to. See a doctor and consider medical treatment for complex back pain problems.

There you have it folks, three ways you can banish back pain forever. Stop ignoring the pain and allowing your health to get worse and worse. Become pain-free and live a much healthier life.

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