You Don’t Realize How Much You Have Til You Move!

Last November, I moved to a new place and made one big discovery in doing so, one that I think we all make when we move. It’s how much we have. And much of it is stuff we no longer need and maybe never did!


As you can see in the photo, I still have a few things to get rid of. I got rid of a great many things, some by selling them, and others I simply donated as they would have been too much trouble to sell and wouldn’t command a big enough price to go through the trouble of selling them.

It’s amazing, how we think we don’t have much, yet are often slowly accumulating more and more stuff. And I’m not really inclined to impulse purchasing as much as most people are.

Nor am I a pack rat by any means. I’ve known people who were pack rats and when I see their places, I shudder at the idea of what a move for them would be like, and it has helped me to avoid being one.

People who had visited me had often remarked at how open and uncluttered my place looked. But nevertheless, I’d still managed to accumulate lots of things I didn’t need which only added to the burden of moving.

Hopefully, this has taught me a lesson about keeping my own tendencies to accumulate things under better control. Now, part of the problem, and maybe it was a blessing in disguise, is that my new place, which I like better than my old one, does have one flaw. It has less storage space than my old place did, so it helped to force me to be more discriminating as to what to keep and what to give up. It also helped me do better at deciding if I really need something or if I just want it.

I also learned that I don’t need to save so much stuff and keep every book I read, every pamphlet that only looks mildly interesting, or every tool or electrical gizmo I’ve had even though it was replaced with a newer, better one.

And I don’t need to print everything, I can just bookmark it. Now that I have a smart phone, I can even access the info when I’m away from home.

Oh, I still have those impulsive thoughts jump into my head from time to time, where I think I need something or other, but I’ve learned to evaluate the thought more thoroughly now, and I do hope the lesson sticks this time.

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And thanks for reading!  🙂

Me and Mom at Chanticleer Point and Vista House. 9/18/2015


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