Which Retail Road Works For You?

When you tell people that you have a new career in retail, you could be forgiven for being met with questions about being at a till in a shop or restaurant. Retail experience can open so many more doors for you, you just have to know what your options are. Retail isn’t just about sales and this is a mistake most people make. Retail encompasses everything from marketing and design, to planning and logistics.

If you are working in a career outside retail and have always been interested in it, there are plenty of options that are open to transferable skills. The key for working in retail lies in the ambition you have to sell, and part of that will be taking as much training and education as you can on the job so you can apply for higher positions. You could work in merchandising with Belk careers and discover an interest in buying. There are some very promising retail careers out there and if you know what you want from life you can apply your skills from any industry and role you’ve had before. Some of these roles we’ve listed for you here:

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  1. Field Management. Overseeing stores and their performance is the primary goal of a retail field manager. For this role, you could start as a junior and work your way up the career ladder. This career is one that isn’t just fulfilling, but quite lucrative for those with the right mind for it. You would need to be a strong leader and tenacious in your ability to coach others.
  2. Visual Merchandising. Everyone who goes shopping walks into stores that look good – that’s the job of a visual merchandiser. The power is in your hands to make or break a brand, and you define the journey the customer goes on simply by product placement. You should be creative, with a flair for trends and what looks good right now.
  3. Planners. As a planner, you’d work with others to decide what kinds of products should be at the forefront of your store. You would need to work closely with logistics to ensure that the right products are in the right place and at the right moment they’re needed. Keeping an eye on what’s in fashion and what’s popular is important, as is the capacity to understand a brand inside and out.
  4. Supply Chain Management. Every retail store has a supply chain, from the drivers in the warehouse and those in dispatch. There are some lucrative careers high in retail and manufacturing that can be had by those who work hard for them. Your project management skills should be second to none and there are plenty of transferable skills that can be moved from one industry to retail supply chain. These include a good grasp of the ethical and legal issues that are involved in managing contracts.

A retail career doesn’t have to stop at telesales or scanning food in the grocery store. Look beyond what you’ve always known and discover a career that is lucrative and available right now.

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