Direct Mail: Successful Campaign Ideas

All too often, organizations focus on marketing their brands online. Sure, most people have an Internet connection and browse the Web on a regular basis. Still, that doesn’t mean that offline marketing is dead and buried! In fact, the truth is far from it! Direct mail campaigns are one of the oldest and most efficient ways to reach a target audience.


You have the power to capture your customer’s attention and sell them your products and services. But, that can only happen if your campaigns are successful! So, how can you ensure that you aren’t wasting time and money with the wrong direct mail marketing strategies? Here are some ideas to help you improve your return on investment and grow your business:


Instill a sense of urgency


When people receive mail that they assume is “junk mail” they will just throw it away in the trash or recycle it. But, what if you could make them open your envelope and do it sooner rather than later? One industry trick is to write something like “urgent” or “private and confidential” on the envelope.

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People will usually open such envelopes with a higher priority than the other mail they’ve received that day. It’s also a good tactic for campaigns where you’re only running a promotion for a limited amount of time.

Make sure your data is clean


Don’t you just hate it when someone writes to you, but they’ve misspelled your name? It doesn’t matter whether you have an in-house mailing list or you’ve bought one from another company. It’s vital that your data is clean before you use it as part of your mailing campaign!


Consider hiring a team of “data cleansers” to qualify and update any names and address that look wrong or incomplete.


Make your envelopes enticing


Don’t be like everyone use. Stop sending out plain white or brown envelopes to your potential customers! We are in 2017; we can print things out in color, you know! An attractive multi-color graphic envelope will make your mailing stand out from the crowd.


It pays to use the right direct mailing service to make that happen. Don’t assume that all mailing houses will offer that service. Be sure to see a sample of the envelope before you start a mass mailing!


Personalize your campaigns


You might think that successful mailing campaigns are ones where you can reuse the same content and just change the person’s name of the letter. But, you would be wrong! Personalize your campaigns to better fit the needs of your intended target audience.


For example, let’s say you run an auto dealership. Your campaign letter could include details of the car your customer last bought from you, and how you can offer them a loyalty discount on a new one!


Timing is everything
Last, but not least, time your campaigns so that they remain memorable in the minds of your audience. One example might be to send the mailings out before a public holiday. You could use the opportunity to offer a “holiday discount” if they take up your offer by a particular date.

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One thought on “Direct Mail: Successful Campaign Ideas

  1. Good article! Direct mail is a HUGE industry. We get the Red Plum every Tuesday, and the advertisers in it re some of the biggest companies in the U.S.


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