It’s Easier Than You Think To Propel Your Career Forward

When it comes to jobs, we can all sometimes feel as if we’re in a rut. It’s that feeling you get when you’ve mastered something, but you don’t see any opportunities to move onto the next challenge and the next pay grade. The wheels are spinning, but the rubber isn’t hitting the road.


According to a study by David Neal and Wendy Wood called Habits – A Performance Repeat, our careers are actually defined by our habits. They say that 45 percent of the time we spend at work, we’re doing things that involve habitual, or everyday behaviours, and that it is these habits that define our success or failure in the workplace.


These so-called career habits take up roughly 3.8 hours a day for men and 3.5 hours a day for women and so getting a handle on them and putting them to our advantage is essential. From the website we look at when we’re supposed to be working to our willingness to look for new jobs; it all makes a difference toward how far our careers progress.


Here are some habits that can boost your career and take you to where you want to go.


Always Arrive 30 Minutes Early


According to a study conducted by YouGov, around 19 percent of workers are late to work at least once per week. Unfortunately, arriving late to work simply won’t cut it anymore, thanks to increased competition in the labour market.



This is why so many people are beginning to arrive at work 30 minutes early, giving them time to plan for the day ahead and making sure that they don’t turn up after they are supposed to.


Search For Alternative Jobs In Your Industry


It’s a common feature of working for a specific company that your pay will rarely rise more than the rate of inflation. Companies aren’t keen on increasing the pay of their existing staff, often because they assume that they won’t take the plunge and leave for another company. Therefore, it’s worth asking yourself a question like: “what are jobs near me paying?” Usually, you’ll find that by simply moving company, you’re able to secure a pay increase over and above what you’d be able to negotiate with your existing firm. If you want your pay to increase rapidly during the first few years of your career, keep looking around for new opportunities and businesses willing to pay you a higher salary.


Add Excessive Value


The whole point of going to work is to add value. You need to create revenue higher than your income to justify your employment in the first place. The greater the difference between what you earn and what you bring in the better as it puts you in a far better bargaining position. Those who go above and beyond and bring in double their salary in revenue are often in a good position to ask for a pay rise, especially if that pay increase will incentivize them to work even harder and bring in even more money for the company.

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