What’s Holding Your Career Back?

If you feel like there’s something holding back your career, but you’re not sure exactly what it is, then you’re certainly not alone. Countless capable professionals find themselves stuck in a long job search, and feel cut off from that one big change they’re dreaming of. More often than not, these people are their own worst enemies. Here, I’ve listed some of the common things that hold people back from climbing the career ladder.

A Lack of Confidence

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Lacking confidence in yourself can be a major barrier in all facets of life, especially when it comes to developing your career. You may be too afraid to apply for a more senior position, thinking there’s no point in making the effort if you’re not going to get it anyway. You could be scared of acting too “outside the box” at work in case your boss doesn’t take kindly to it. You may be in a mindset which means you depend on senior approval to follow through with any decision. Try to dispel these niggling worries! Employers and higher-ups are much more likely to value someone who will go for the things they want, take risks and stand by their decisions. Don’t be reckless, but don’t be too bent on playing it safe either!

Poor Written Communication

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While written communication may not be an essential skill for the job you’re gunning for, it’s pretty much non-negotiable when you’re looking to advance your career. You need to remember that you’re going to be up against people who have a natural way with words, and the standards of resumes for executives are considerably higher than those for the entry-level job that you stepped into all those years ago. Have a thorough audit of your resume, and get rid of anything that could be weakening your pitch. Don’t force in any buzzwords, make sure there isn’t a single mistake in the grammar or spelling, and don’t stray into anything that’s irrelevant to the field. If you’re using a template cover letter, then make sure you’re tailoring it and tweaking the tone to each position you apply for. Company cultures can have more sway over a hiring decision than you may think.


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While I sympathize with people who aren’t all that confident with using technology, it’s an inconvenient truth that technophobia is going to hold you back in the modern job market. It’s 2017, and that means if you don’t have a LinkedIn page, need help with using new programs, or can’t show experiences which demonstrate an ability to take to new technology easily, then it’s going to be a black mark. A little technophobia is no big deal if you’ve reached a point that you’re happy with and you’re still able to hit your targets. However, if you’re looking to climb that corporate ladder, and you’re unable to use the same modern tools as everyone else, it’s really going to hold you back. Go out of your way to overcome your technophobia and develop your technical skills. The more you work at adopting tech, the easier it will be!

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Quick & Easy Energy Efficient Updates You Can Make In A Weekend

When you’re on a tight budget (or even when you’re not) having an energy efficient home is important. Being energy efficient means that you’re helping to up the longevity of precious resources, and also, save yourself money. When it comes to creating a more energy efficient home, it’s the larger changes that tend to be seen as being able to make the biggest impact. While big investments like adding solar panels or buying all new home appliances do have an impact on your home’s energy efficiency, small changes can be just as effective.

If you’ve got a spare weekend – or even a day free – the below updates could make a big difference to your home. These are all things that are fairly easy to upgrade and shouldn’t take too long to complete or be too expensive. Want to increase the energy efficiency of your home? Then spend some time making the below updates – honestly, they’re more than worth the time and effort.

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Reprogram your thermostat

Most homes have programmable thermostats, and yet, few of us are taking full advantage of them. Spend 20-minutes or so setting up a thermostat schedule, reducing the amount of energy that your home uses. Think about the times of day when your home tends to get warmest or coldest and program the thermostat to ensure that your property stays at a comfortable temperature during these times. Don’t already have a programmable thermostat? Then perhaps now is the time to invest in one?

Insulate your attic

When it comes to keeping your home warm in the colder months and cool in the hotter months, adequate home insulation is crucial. So if your home isn’t already well insulated, especially in the attic, then now could be the time to change that. Adding more insulation to your attic is incredibly easy, as it’s just a case of picking up a roll or two of insulation from your local DIY store.

Update your home’s lighting

Did you know that when it comes to household lighting, not all lighting is born equal in terms of energy efficiency? If your property is fairly old, then the chances are that the lighting is too, and so, isn’t as energy efficient as it could be. The good news is that upgrading your lighting to be more energy efficient doesn’t have to be overly expensive or time-consuming. If you’re not skilled when it comes to electronics, then it may be best to use electrical contractors for this task, to ensure that your new lighting options are safely fitted and wired in. This shouldn’t be too expensive, so don’t stress about the cost – just think of how much money energy efficient lighting will save you in the long run.

Get in the professionals

When it comes to being more energy efficient, you might find bringing some electrical contractors into your home can be beneficial. Often enough, it can be handy to have a professional look at what electric fixtures and fittings you currently have in and around your home. They can then make suggestions and updates where needed in order to make your home more energy-efficient as a result.

Replace AC air filters

Got an air conditioning system in place in your home? If you haven’t recently changed the filters, then now could be the perfect time to do so. You see, an air conditioning system that has to move air through dirty filters has to work much harder, meaning that more energy is used. To reduce the amount of energy that your air conditioning system uses, make sure to regularly change the filters. It might only be a small thing, but it can make a big difference.

The above tips and ideas are ideal for doing when you’ve got some spare time at home as they’re quick and easy to do and don’t tend to cost too much.

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The Business Revival

Thousands of business fail every year, and they aren’t always new starting businesses. They are sometimes tried and tested ones that just become gradually out of date and stop being viable. There are many essentials a business needs to be successful, but it is always possible to pull a business back from near death and breath new life into it, reviving it to past glories. To pull your business from the brink of collapse you need to be ready to fight and give it your all in the process. It can be done, but it needs to be done in a way that keeps the business strong in the long term too, not just short-term, otherwise you are just delaying the inevitable. Here are some hints and tips to follow, you may already be doing some, but they can give you ideas nonetheless.




If nobody knows about your product or service you offer then they can’t buy it. It is as simple as that. You can start advertising to ensure people see it and have the change. Focus on your local area first. Don’t be scared to use old tactics like handing out leaflets or putting posters around town. You can also use local seo services to target people close by and ensure they know your business exists. Advertising is more money of course, but it can pull new people in who make the difference to your business and allow it to survive. You can do it yourself, write quality posts for social media and blogs and post them with links back to your site. Get out and hand out leaflets and talk about your products and services. Breath life into what you do and be passionate, the rest will follow.


Change Your Product/Service


If your business isn’t doing so well it could be because you need to change what you offer. Perhaps what you used to do is no longer tenable, so consider doing more. For example, If you run a travel business, consider sending people to a new location. Change what you do. Increase the value of what you are giving people. The better the service or product the more people who buy it. Think outside the box. Check on your competitors, maybe one of them is offering something way better. Copy it. That’s how business works. The survival of the fittest.


Cut Costs
Advertising costs money, as does changing a whole product or designing a new service. If you cut costs you can free up money to do more of these things and ensure you business stops hemorrhaging capital. It could mean to put suppliers on hold, stop buying lots of materials. If the work is not there offer your employees time off unpaid, some may need it or take it anyway. If things are really bad you can make some redundancies, just remember to follow all other options first or you could end up in trouble in court if you can’t show due diligence. It is a horrible route to take, but one that is necessary if you want to ensure your business survives.

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