4 Routes to Success in a Life of Less Stress

Living a life of less stress is something that most of us aspire to. Unfortunately, with so many work and family pressures weighing on our minds, this is something that isn’t always easy. The real skill comes from being able to compartmentalize the different parts of our lives so that they don’t overlap. If you find that stress is negatively affecting your life, here’s some advice for getting back on track.


Get A Good Night’s Sleep

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We all know the stress relieving qualities of a good night’s sleep, but the problem is that too much stress in your life affects your sleep, leaving you more tired and stressed. And so the vicious cycle continues. If you find yourself struggling to drift off, try writing down all your worries in a journal and leave them until the next morning. Remember, it’s very unlikely you’ll be able to solve all the world’s ills from your bedroom! Get into a steady bedtime routine so your body naturally becomes prepared for sleep, and try to relax yourself close to bedtime. This may be by listening to music, meditating or some gentle yoga.


Cut Down on Screentime

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First and foremost, watching TV or playing on your laptop too close to bedtime can interfere with your sleep. The light naturally disrupts your body’s ability to produce melatonin which is the sleep hormone. It can also be very stress relieving simply to get away for your screen for a little while. Social media in particular can be a problem as it often doesn’t do you any good to compare your life to those you see on there. Remember that it’s a highlights reel and everyone will be dealing with their own issues even if it seems like they’re on holiday all the time!


Take Time to Yourself

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Even if you can only set aside a few minutes every day, this time can be invaluable in helping you to recharge. Many people find taking a bath can be very stress relieving so take a look at the advantages of steel baths vs acrylic baths if you’re thinking about investing in a new one. Other people prefer to read a book or listen to some music or a podcast. Taking some time to decompress from the stresses of life is extremely important for everyone.


Focus on Exercise

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Getting into an exercise routine can be a great way to focus your mind away from your other stresses in life. If you’re in the middle on an intense spinning class or at match point in a crucial tennis match, it’s very difficult to focus on anything else! Exercise generally provides a sense of balance to our bodies and minds, helping to significantly reduce stress. Even a long walk can help get your mind focused and sort through some of the jumbled problems which race through our minds.
These are just four methods for reducing the stress in your life and getting you back on track mentally and emotionally.

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