Construction Is A High Risk Industry: Make Sure You’re Keeping Your Employees Safe

It’s hardly surprising that the construction industry is one that is considered to be a relatively high risk. After all, you’re far more likely to suffer some form of injury on a construction site than you are working behind a desk in an office. Of course, that’s not to say that employers don’t have a responsibility to ensure the safety of all of their employees, no matter what environment they’re working in. However, employers working within high-risk industries like construction have a far greater responsibility to ensure that nothing happens to their employees, simply by virtue of the increased likelihood of injury or accident in the workplace. Of course, for many employers, it can be difficult to know exactly what to do to make sure that their employees are as safe as possible. With that in mind, here are a few things that every employer within the construction industry should be doing in order to guarantee the safety of their workers.

Providing training

The safety of any workplace must always start with your employees. It’s important that the people working on your construction site are always conducting themselves in the safest, most responsible manner possible. Beyond just assume that they have at least some degree of common sense, the best way to ensure that this happens is to provide your staff with adequate training. This includes basic health and safety training, but it should also involve specific training for any dedicated pieces of equipment that they are going to be using. Not only that but you should make sure to offer refresher courses for staff at regular periods. New pieces of technology appear frequently, and it can be incredibly dangerous to assume that your staff as more information and training than they actually do.

Meeting standards

When it comes to construction and engineering environments, risks and dangers go far beyond just individual safety. You’re going to be in an environment where the level of risks extend beyond both your workers but also beyond the period where they’re actually working. Mistakes made months ago can have a potentially deadly impact on people working on the same site later on. Because of this, it’s important to use resources like to make sure that your site and workers are always meeting the right standards. It might seem like red tape, but that red tape can potentially save a lot of lives.

Regular environmental inspections

The safety of your workers should be something of an ongoing process. You should make sure that you’re taking care to conduct regular inspections to ensure the safety of the working environment. Not only that but you should have tools and equipment regularly inspected as well. Faulty equipment is a significant cause of many workplace accidents and the kinds of equipment that is used on a construction site mean that those kinds of accidents can have some truly dire consequences. Make sure that you’re not leaving it too long between these inspections. They might take up time you’d rather was spent on something else, but an accident is going to be a much bigger waste of time than an inspection ever would.

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Make Your PC Hack-Proof With These Powerful (And Easy) Tactics

Let’s face it; we all worry about people hacking into our computer systems and stealing our data! The sad truth is that malicious hacks aren’t a problem that will likely go away soon. In fact, if anything, we hear more stories in the media about people or criminal gangs hacking into the PCs of well-known companies!


The only true way to have a hack-proof PC is to keep it switched off and disconnected from the Internet! Of course, such a solution isn’t practical at all. The good news is that there are many steps we can take to secure our computers from Internet-based intrusions and malware.


So, just what can we do to turn our PCs into Fort Knox? By following the below steps, you’ll soon keep your computer more secure and private than ever before!

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Keep all wireless networks secure


The first point of entry for any Internet hacker is to bypass your router. You may not know this, but most routers aren’t configured with top security measures by default! You can lock down your Internet router by doing the following:


  • Use WPA2 Wi-Fi security;
  • Use a long and complicated passphrase;
  • Change the default username and password for the router login;
  • Enable the option to hide your wireless network’s SSID;
  • Enable the hardware firewall in your router and only open required TCP/UDP ports.


Install Internet security software on your PC (and keep it up-to-date)


Aside from trying to bypass your Internet router, hackers can attempt to gain control of your computer via malware infections. To combat that problem, install a good Internet security software solution on your PC. Avoid the free ones; they seldom do anything other than slow your system down!


Also, be sure to enable automatic updates for your antivirus software. Doing so will lower the risk of new, unknown malware from attacking your PC.


Store your data in the cloud


The brilliant thing about solutions like Microsoft cloud file storage and Dropbox is that you can easily store your important files in a secure, off-site environment. An advantage of that approach is that your data gets kept safe and backed up even if hackers somehow manage to control your PC remotely.

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Use a VPN connection


VPN stands for Virtual Private Networking, in case you wondered. How can it help keep your computer secure, you might be wondering? Well, it provides a secure way of going online from any Internet connection.


VPN connections offer a couple of advantages. First of all, they offer extra privacy to those that wish to go online without third parties looking at their Internet connections. That’s because VPN connections are all encrypted. And, second, they can increase wireless security if your PC doesn’t use an Ethernet connection (or you happen to be using a laptop).


Use a secure web browser


Last, but not least, don’t just stick with the browser that comes as standard with your PC. Stick to a strong and secure one like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Those two browsers allow you to install “extensions” that can block tracking ads and help prevent malware from getting downloaded to your PC in the background.

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Changing Your Life… Through Your Career

It can be a big struggle to move your career forward when you are stuck in a dead-end job and have been for as long as you can remember. Even for those that are fresh out of college are told to get a job with perks and to make sure you get a good pension. The focus has been on doing that, and it’s hardly a surprise with the unstable economy, and we all need to feel like we are secure in our jobs, even if it is one that we don’t necessarily love. What can we do to change this?



The safety in having a comfy office job speaks for itself. You have a pension, an average salary, and the same sandwich for lunch every day. The monotony can be depressing for some, and for others, they don’t seem to know any better. And it’s a dangerous pattern to get caught in. This is why a lot of people are now choosing to run their own businesses, but the perils of running a company that comprises of one employee, yourself, can mean that you are biting off more than you can possibly chew. The baptism of fire of throwing yourself into running your own business is quite a stressful pursuit. But there are so many that are doing it out of necessity, and if you have the means to look for a business that is lucrative and is within your realms of expertise, there is no reason to say why you cannot make a good living out of doing something you care about. But if you choose to run your own business, you need to be prepared for financial difficulties in the early stages, which is why it is best to save up some money before starting.

Many people prefer to run their own little businesses or be self-employed because they have a lot more freedom in how they run their life. It is much less stressful, and they can apply the brakes if it is all getting too much. This is why the public sector is an approach that appeals to many workers; it is a fine balance of the attitudes of a more relaxed workplace combined with the benefits and security that people need. The public sector, which includes areas such as the Federal Government, has benefits and salaries that are very appealing to the casual observer. They have insurance coverage options like life insurance, which is peace of mind for those who have dependents. But for all the perks you may think that the jobs themselves can be dull and revolve around the office, which is not the case. The options are wide-ranging.

As people strive to find a job that provides some meaning to their life while also giving them some security, it is a scenario where you may be forgiven for thinking that you can only have it one way or the other. Either have the perks and be miserable, or be happy but without support, and the options available to you are far from miserable. So make sure you do something you care about.

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How To Create The Ultimate Minimalist Home

More of us than ever are paring back and trying to streamline our homes. A minimalist style of interior design has become popular for those looking to organize and edit their homes. When done well this style of decorating and design can create a less stressful, more appealing, and cleaner home. If you want to create the ultimate minimalist home take a look at our tips and tricks below…




Kitchens can be notorious for clutter. How many of us have fight for space on our kitchen countertops? Between the microwave, kettle, and utensil pots there’s little room for much else. All of this goes against the basics of a minimalist interior. Clean, sharp, and minimal are the cornerstones of this look.


You’d be forgiven for thinking that white kitchens are the way forward for a minimalist look. Minimal doesn’t have to mean boring or predictable, though, so mix it up and surprise with your kitchen design. Black kitchens are fast becoming a trend for those looking to create a minimal look. It’s equally as clean and slick as all white units, but it has some added drama and atmosphere. Pair your black units and worktops with some brass lights fittings and copper tones. If you’re not keen on having a completely black countertop, go for dark stone instead.


Living Room


Getting a minimalist style right in the living room really depends on your choice of furniture. Often we can go overboard with our seating in this room. Huge sofas and armchairs jostle for attention amongst paintings, coffee tables, maybe even bookshelves. All of this needs to be paired back to nail this scheme.


Consider what are essential pieces of furniture and which aren’t. You probably only need one sofa with another chair. If you do want a coffee table too, consider what you’ll put on it. A stack of monochrome magazines or books on one end and some pale flowers in a glass vase at the other will work well. Avoid cluttering your coffee table with anything else. In terms of the furniture itself, white works well. You’ll need an upholstery cleaner to keep everything look crisp and fresh for this look, and white can be a difficult color to upkeep on your own.


Decorating and Accessories

Couch Furnitures Indoors Lamp Interior Design


A simple paired back design shouldn’t be clinical and boring. You can use blankets, rugs, and even wall art in a minimalist design. Less is more in terms of wall art so hang a single striking painting in the living room with a plain frame. Similarly, potted plants and pale flowers work well too. In terms of rugs stick to soft grays and muted tones, natural fabrics work well too.

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Natural Ways To De-Stress

Stress means different things for different people, so it makes good sense that the way we manage our stress will be different for everyone. You probably know some excellent ways to relieve the symptoms of stress that everyday life gives us, but being able to manage it when you can’t get to the gym to exercise the stress away is important.

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There are so many conditions in life that need stress management. Depression, often referred to as ‘the black dog’, takes a lot to manage and in some it’s not manageable at all without medication. The problem with medication is that the side effects can often make you feel worse, even if the mood swings have improved. Recognising the signs you are feeling by doing your own research on websites such as can help you on your way to managing your stress and any condition that develops as a result. There are plenty of natural ways you can curb your stress levels, so check out our list and figure out what’s going to work for you:

Lavender has long been revered as a natural, calming solution to issues such as insomnia and anxiety. The soothing smell of lavender can lower your heart rate, which in turn lowers your blood pressure and helps you to relax. Keeping lavender in a vase beside your bed, or even in the form of oil drops on your pillow case can help soothe you into sleep.

When you feel stressed out, it’s easy to feel exhausted. Feeling tense and sad can take a lot of energy without you even realising. Going to the gym for a workout can be an excellent stress reliever. If you can’t get to the gym, a quick HIIT workout like this one or a run around the block can release pent up anxiety, adrenaline and make you feel more energetic. It sounds like a double negative, but give it a shot.

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Caffeine is known to keep us awake for longer than we need to, but did you know that too much caffeine can increase symptoms of anxiety? The shakes and jitters you get are a side effect of your morning coffee and if you are drinking far more than you need to a day, you’ll find you may feel a little paranoia. Cut out the caffeine in your drinks and go for decaf options if you still want the taste. Find natural ways to energize yourself instead of relying on caffeine. A banana, perhaps.

Sleep can be hard to come by if your stress gives you insomnia. A good night’s sleep, however, can make you feel refreshed in a way that nothing else can. Make a point of leaving screens out of the bedroom and going to bed at a reasonable hour for a full sleep.

Meditation and deep breathing can often feel like it’s going to be a waste of time, but until you understand how you can focus yourself and find your centre, you can feel all over the place. Practice these breathing techniques the next time your stress threatens to overwhelm you.

All of these tips can help you get through a stressful situation but always ask for help from your doctor if it starts to feel out of control.

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