Trusting in Quality: Why Your Business Should Pay Extra for Brand Names

When we go out shopping, we’re always looking to get a great deal. It’s human nature to want a great deal; if we see something that’s 50% off, we’re going to snatch it up whether or not we intended to buy that item in the first place. It’s fine because this is just how we are as human beings, but what does it say about our business?


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Business has no room for hardware failures


When you buy products from a less-than-reputable business, it’s clear when the quality is subpar. It doesn’t matter what type of product you got. It could be something simple such as a couple of pens and pencils, or it could be something larger such as a tablet device or a dozen or so cheap smartphones for your employees to use. Perhaps they don’t last as long as advertised, maybe they fall apart after a couple of weeks use, or perhaps they just aren’t as powerful as the branded versions. Whatever the reason for their poor quality, not getting brand names could spell disaster for your business.


Imagine if you bought a few cheap barcode scanners to keep track of your warehouse stock. Now picture this situation; one of them has developed a fault and your new employee doesn’t realise this because of the convoluted interface. Whatever items this new employee scans, it’s not getting read properly by the scanner and the codes are garbled. When it comes to stock check time, all of your stock counts are screwed because of an error from a cheap barcode scanner. This could have been prevented if your business invested in a Honeywell barcode scanner because they are a well-known brand that has served the industry for many years. It might have had a higher initial cost, but the cost of fixing your stock is going to be higher.


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Your quality reflects in your products


If you buy low-quality materials to make your own products, then the quality is going to be experienced by the end-user. For instance, if you are a keyboard manufacturer and you decide to use cheap imitation switches instead of genuine Cherry MX switches, then the quality of your keyboard will be below the industry standard.


You might be able to offer a cheaper price for your keyboard product, but that doesn’t mean much if the switches themselves are imitation ones that don’t offer anything different—they’re just lower quality than the real thing. If you want to ensure that your clients come back after purchasing your products, then the source of your products needs to be high-quality.


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It might be tempting to buy cheap products or materials to fuel your business, but it’s a pointless endeavour in the long run because you simply can’t trust bad quality. It might be fine for now, but in the future your, products are going to be mocked for using low-quality materials. You can trust in the consumers to find something off about your products if you advertise them as better than they actually are, so don’t play with fire. Be honest with your products, get branded equipment and materials, and don’t skimp on quality.

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