‘Embarrassing’ Health Issues Men Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Broach

The old stereotype is that a man’s pride is one of his most important attributes. Being strong, stoic and silent when necessary so you can keep persevering. However, that stereotype is patently false. Holding things in only tends to lead to exacerbating any kind of crises. Nowhere is that no more true than where your health is concerned. There are times you need to put pride aside and face your fears.


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Not-so-pearly whites

Teeth that are misshapen or discoloured in your opinion can have a real knock on your confidence. In turn, that lowered confidence can work counterintuitively to make you less likely to seek treatment. Many men fear hearing the worst when seeing a dentist and getting work done on their teeth. Or they simply aren’t looking forward to the reprimand. But the truth is that not getting the detail on the situation could end up with you missing some of the products and procedures that could turn things around and immediately give you more confidence.

Extra up top

The idea of men having extra breast tissue, even men who have very little body fat to them, can seem bizarre to some. That belief can lead to embarrassment and even shame about having extra breast tissue, yourself. But not only are breasts common in men, but plenty of breast problems are, too. Gynecomastia, growth of breast tissue, might occur naturally but it can also be the sign of several underlying conditions and hormonal changes you could get reversed.

Problems down below

Phallic imagery is strong in male humour and pride. It’s no wonder that we build up the importance of the penis to our lives that signs that everything is not right down there can feel like an assault on our masculinity. But problems like severe phimosis, for instance, that can be solved by a range of treatments from steroid creams to getting circumcised, can really get in the way not just of your sex life, but the health of the penis itself. Most doctors have seen penises of every shape, size, and variation. Yours is likely not going to warrant a second thought.

That one checkup

The same goes for the prostate exam. It might be an embarrassing thought, but prostate issues get increasingly common as we get older. You’re going to have to get used to the idea of that exam every four years. Every other man does. Otherwise, your chances of missing potential prostate cancer developments skyrocket.

Where’s your head at

One of the most unfortunate taboos in medicine, one that is thankfully changing for the better day-by-day, is talking about our emotions. Suicide in men is more than twice as likely as suicide in women, and this idea of masculine stoicism is a big reason why. If you’re ever feeling like your emotional state is skewed more toward to the negative on a daily basis than the positive, you might be suffering from depression. It can be a difficult topic to broach with doctors, but there are guides that can help you find the words to bring it up.

Certainly, you might not wish all and sundry to know about the health conditions that you consider embarrassing. But you should never let perceived social taboos get in the way of seeing your doctor. To them, no bodily taboos exist. They’ve seen it all before and they could easily give you the help you need.

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