Your Water Could Be Affecting You More Than You Know

You probably know that water is good for you, and that it plays a huge part in keeping the world going. Drinking 2 litres of the stuff per day is recommended by experts everywhere. We use it to wash ourselves and our dishes, to remove sewage waste, and so much more. However, your water can affect you and your surroundings in other ways too. Here’s how your water could be affecting you and your home more than you know:


Fluoride in Tap Water

There are a few things you should know about fluoride. In the past, people used to claim that it was good for the teeth. That it helped to strengthen them, and therefor meant individuals and families should drink lots of the stuff. However, the negative effects of tap water can be far more dangerous. There’s actually no real evidence that shows fluoride having a positive effects on the teeth. It can, however, have negative effects on your physical and mental state. It has been linked with dementia, thyroid disease, muscle disorders, and more. Some places in the world don’t need to worry about fluoride, but some still do. You’ll need to research based on your location, but this form of mass medication that many have no say in should be stopped! In the US, around 67% of the population receive this water, as well as 10% of the UK population.


Chemicals When Showering

When taking a hot shower, you could actually be breathing in many different chemicals. Chlorine is one chemical often added to water, so this could mean you’re ingesting lots of it as you shower, and even absorbing it through the skin. The only real way you can combat this threat is by installing a shower filter.






Hard And Soft Water

There are lots of pros and cons to both hard and soft water. The one you have in your home will depend on where you are in the world, and even where you are in the country. Hard water, for instance, can be better for plants, but can be very rough on the hands. Soft water isn’t great for drinking as it doesn’t have any minerals, but it passes through pipes easily without blocking them with limescale. Did you know that if you have hard water, your appliances could also deteriorate faster? Not only that, hard water isn’t as good for cleaning when used with soap. All kinds of things go into how effective your water is for cleaning, including the temperature and mineral content.

There’s tons of good information here that you can use to decide what to do about the water in your home. There are many different filters and softeners you can look at to help keep your home running smoothly.

Different Types Of Bottled Water

Different types of bottled water really do make a difference. Studies on some bottled water showed that they were actually just as bad for you as fluoride filled tap water. Some even come from a tap and are marketed to make you think they were taken from a spring. Even if you buy the right kind of bottled water, you need to be careful of a few different things. If you leave a bottle of water in the car for too long and it is exposed to sunlight, for instance, the plastic bottle can react with the heat and sunlight and have a dangerous reaction with the water. You don’t want to end up drinking this!

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