Don’t Forget These Less Common Marketing Methods

If you haven’t realized by now how important marketing is for your business, then you’re in for a pretty rude awakening. After all, you need customer in order to make your business viable, and there’s know what that’s going to happen if customers don’t know that you exist. This means that most businesses are aware of the importance of marketing and have strategies in place for it. However many of them tend to stick with the same old techniques and strategies that every other business uses. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that, but it does mean that it’s going to be harder to stand out in a sea of competitors. Customers have never had so many businesses to choose from, and if you’re not willing to get creative with your marketing, then you’re never going to be able to get their attention. With that in mind, here are some less common marketing methods that your business might well benefit from using.


Trade shows



Trade shows are an absolutely fantastic way to market your business, but it seems as though a lot of modern startups don’t consider them to be a particularly useful marketing strategies. Far too often they assume that the rise of online technology has meant that digital marketing has completely taken over from getting out into the physical world. Trade shows give you the chance to network with lots of businesses and potential customers. You don’t need some big spectacular presentation either. You can make some genuine connections armed with just some trade show displays, a stack of business cards and a winning smile. No matter how much technology takes over; there will never be a substitute for actually getting to speak to people face to face.


Viral marketing



One of the things that has had the biggest impact on the way that many businesses go about marketing themselves is the fact that younger generations simply don’t respond to traditional advertising. Whether it’s because they were raised on more media than any previous generation or whether it’s because they are the first generation to grow up online, but younger people simply don’t respond to traditional advertising the way that their parents and grandparents did. This means that you’ve got to go about things differently and viral marketing is a great way of doing that. If you can create something that’s going to be shared on social media, then you’re able to take advantage of an extraordinary form of word-of-mouth that can potentially reach and audience of millions.


Street art



Going in completely the opposite direction but if you want to reach a large audience outside of the digital world then why not think about something like street art. Plenty of businesses have had huge success with this grassroots marketing method. If you pick the right spot then you’re pretty much guaranteed a lot of foot traffic and if you make it eye-catching enough then it’s going to draw a great deal of attention from passers-by.

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