Cut Out The Nonsense In Your Business


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You’ll probably find there is a lot of nonsense and wastage in your business model. Nothing is one hundred percent efficient, no matter how hard you might have tried. There’s always going to be mistakes, human error and general tech failure. But, with a little elbow grease, some quick thinking and a touch of determination you can cut out most of the nonsense. You can make your business more efficient than it was an ensure that it matches your own high standards. Here are some of the areas where a lot of the nonsense and rubbish can be avoided.


Mail Management


When you open your business you’re going to have a lot of mail flooding in as well as emails and social media updates. While some of this info flooding into your company will either be relevant or useful a lot of it will be junk. The best way to deal with this is by using a mail forwarding service. The mail goes to an address that isn’t where your company is actually situated. There it is sorted, the junk is removed and everything else is passed on. In most cases it can be sent directly to your email folder. It’s not just letters that you can do this with though. You can also sort your email in the same way. Hire a company to receive the email for you and make sure you only see what’s relevant. You’ll waste a lot less time by doing this.


Energy Saver


How much energy are you wasting in your business model? The answer is probably thousands in electricity and gas. To cut down, you just need to get in touch with your energy provider. Compare their rates to other suppliers on the market, and you might find that you are being massively overcharged. It might be time to switch to a company that can offer power from a completely renewable source for a fraction of the cost. It’s easy to switch, and all it takes is a short phone call.


Too Many Cooks


Ever heard the phrase too many cooks in the kitchen? Well we think it’s time to start thinking about whether there are too many employees in the office. When you get right down to it an employee is nothing more than a business expense. If you can live without them, then you probably should. In most cases you can because their job can be outsourced. There are outsourcing companies for every aspect of a business these days. That’s why it’s possible to run your company as a solopreneur. All the jobs that you don’t want to handle can be moved out of your business.




Are you spending too much money and resources on marketing and promotion? Probably, because these days there’s no need for a full marketing service. Instead you can try the DIY business model. This has become very popular lately because you cut costs and you stay in complete control of your own promotion. That way, you know exactly what message is being received by potential customers.


You see, there are ways to get rid of the nonsense in your business model and run a business that really delivers.


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