It’s An Adventure Not To Be Underestimated


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Camping is an adventure. It’s one of the few chances we can truly leave our comfort zones and experience what it is really like to be absorbed by nature – whether that is wild camping, laying on the back of a pick-up truck and staring at the stars or going to a small little music festival yet to be ruined by the mainstream. All of it constitutes an adventure, and for anyone who has ever done it, they’ll know that it is rarely a matter of just tossing a tent in a car and leaving. Most of the time it requires a lot of planning.


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Don’t Believe What They Say About The Tent

All tent manufacturers are liars, that is a fact. So don’t become a name on the long list of names of people who have fallen victim. All too often, novice campers will go into a camping shop, or pop online, and buy a snazzy three-man tent to fit them and the three mates they are taking with them into the wilderness, only to get their and realise that a three-man tent barely fits one man and two squirrels. Okay, that is an exaggeration. What we mean is, you’ll all fit, but there will be absolutely zero room to maneuver. So if there are three of you going, then buy a five man tent. If there are two of you, buy a three-man at least.


Research Everything You Can

Seriously, the more you know, the more enjoyable the experience, and that is because you’ll be better prepared for the changing scenarios. So before you leave on your next camping trip, research the weather, make sure you know what temperature it will be in the day and what it will drop down to at night. Make sure you have read up on different wilderness survival tips, have a map that shows where the different freshwater sources are and if there are any known threats in that area, whether wasps or bears or whatever. The more you know the better protected you are.


Knowing Where To Pitch Is Critical

You may think you have found the perfect pitch because the vistas from the front flap are unrivalled, but that is really the case. Sure, you’ll have brilliant views, but you’ll have far from brilliant comfort. As such, there are two things you should prioritize when looking where to pitch your tent. Firstly, make sure you are on a level bit of ground. You don’t want your tent to start rolling and you don’t want to find that you are slipping anywhere in your sleep, so find somewhere flat. The second piece of advice is about lumps and bumps. Basically, don’t pitch your tent on any lumps and bumps. You will not get comfortable, you will not sleep and you will end up resenting the vistas you thought would make the experience.


Camping Is Cold. Accept It.

It doesn’t matter if you pick midsummer’s day, or you decide to go on a road trip and start camping in a desert, camping will always get cold at night. You’ll start shivering. You’ll start moaning. You’ll start cursing. So always make sure you have packed enough in the way of sleeping equipment. This means a three season sleeping bag, thick socks, and any equipment you may need to light a fire.

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