How To Stay Out Of The Firing Line


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Most people would agree that losing their job causes lots of hassle. You’d start worrying about money because you wouldn’t know when your next paycheck would arise. You’d also have to spend a long time updating your CV and applying for new roles. That would be a real shame, especially if you love your current position. With that in mind, there are some excellent tips in this article that should make sure you’re never in the firing line. If you take heed and put this advice into practice, you could become one of the best employees in the company. With a bit of luck, that should help to ensure your job is always secure.


Never arrive at work under the influence


Drugs and alcohol could have a drastic effect on your career. I’m not judging anyone here, but you can’t turn up to work when you’re under the influence. That means you need to stop drinking at a suitable time each evening if you like a couple of cans with your dinner. Smart employers will use breathalyzers and a 13 panel drug test if they become suspicious. So, there is no way of avoiding the issue, and you will get caught out. Substances of that nature will reduce productivity, and you could pose a risk to other members of your team. Whatever you do, don’t be stupid enough to go to work when you’re still steaming.


Always go above and beyond for your employer


You need to go the extra mile if you want to become an invaluable company asset. That could mean staying half an hour late some evenings to complete orders. It could also mean coming up with new ideas and presenting them to your boss. You could even offer to cover shifts when people call in sick or something like that. Just make sure the employer knows you are 100% dedicated to their operation. If they have to get rid of anyone, it’s going to be the people who lack enthusiasm. Always arrive with a smile on your face, use your initiative, and make sure you’re as busy as possible. You boss will take notice.


Arrive in a prompt manner every day


For employers, nothing is worse than a worker who turns up late. It’s going to happen from time to time, and that’s often unavoidable. However, you should never let it become a regular thing. You know the time you’re supposed to start work in the mornings, and so there is no excuse for poor timekeeping. If you want to keep your job for as long as possible and earn a lot of money, you need to show punctuality. Ideally, you should aim to arrive at least ten minutes before the working day is set the begin.
I hope you’ve learned something important today about your attitude towards the workplace. If you’re going to mess around and take advantage, you will never find yourself in a stable position. Take my advice, and your employer will never even consider the concept of firing you. Hard-working team members aren’t easy to find these days, and your boss knows it.

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