Knock That Wall Down! Renovations Can Change It All For Your Home

Our homes can be boring. It’s sad but true. Maybe they aren’t that boring at all, but because we spend so much time in them, it can seem that way. What’s more, we all have rooms that we fail to use and rooms that we neglect. Sometimes, our homes can be so big and we lack the initiative to use all of that space.


Let’s be honest. We all have rooms that we neglect and fail to use. A study, second bedroom, office, box room or even dining room! The truth is, most of us don’t have the time to spend in places that offer us nothing. That can transform with a few simple changes to both room layout and your lifestyle.




The simple way to start improving your home?  It’s easy. Furniture. We usually opt to buy furniture for those rooms that need a statement, but this can be lopsided and remove the focus from the other rooms in our houses. It’s important to ensure all the rooms in our home are decked out in the furniture needed.  A lick of paint is never a bad idea as well and can really refresh the feel and mood of a room.


But some plans are a little bigger. Full-scale renovations can be made to homes and are a good idea if you’re inclined to redesign your home. It’s important to act as soon as possible, but you should always take the time to meticulously plan your redesign and use all the resources available, like for both inspiration and planning reasons.


Giving new life to a tired home can be amazing in terms of finances. The Telegraph have the amazing story of Liz and Dan Burgess:


“Take Liz and Dan Burgess, who won the 2013 Homebuilding and Renovating Awards. They converted a crumbling Berkshire bungalow into a handsome, two-storey modern family home . It cost them £825,000, but the house is now worth £1.2 million. It also took them five years to complete the scheme. This is par for the course, explains Grand Designs presenter Kevin McCloud. “Everyone approaching a project like this should spend three years on planning, and six months on the really expensive bit – the building.”


The Burgess family have added a lot of value to their home. All they did was own it and improve it. That’s it.


Don’t try to do this alone, though. It’s hard work, and you won’t go wrong with calling in a team of builders and carpenters to sort your home out and build to your plans.


As for the actual renovations, those are all for you to decide on. Never be afraid to explore the space of your house. Why not an open plan kitchen area that leads into the dining room? Or even the lounge? What about converting the loft into a new bedroom? It could be an investment that not only changes your home, but your life.

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